Aspects of Play: Initial Game Sketches

So here are the initial, very rough, designs that I had in mind. For the player character I wanted it to be a side-ward facing person holding onto the parachute. I would like to animate it to make it seem more life-like, but i’d much prefer to get the basic framework of the game done before I tackle such a feat. The equipment, a basic array of random things I could think of that anyone could associate with ‘fixing’ something, not essentially what you’d fix a real life parachute with, more along the lines of association. The bird, seagull or pigeon (does it really matter?) will most probably be either background characters or if I feel the game needs it, enemies.

IMG_1342 IMG_1343

With the background I wanted to use the Parallax Effect (Which is basically different layers moving at different speeds to get a movement effect). Mountains and clouds to highlight the ‘survival’ aspect of the game.

IMG_1344 IMG_1345

When approaching the design, I knew that I’d need an information flow as soon as possible. Which is basically how the game operates, because without it, I wouldn’t particularly know the extent of the design. The game will start at the main page, create a feedback loop with the instructions menu so that the player can look at the instructions and cycle back, then they will go into the equipment store which starts its own loop with the game. This loop will allow the player to replay the game as many times as they wish.

Additionally, there’s the also very rough design of the counters. Which I wanted to look like signposts as this game is going to have a forest-wilderness theme, that is enforced by the previously seen mountain designs.

IMG_1347 IMG_1346


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