Aspects of Play: DeadFall – Third Build

A lot has happened since the last build, a number of notable changes been implemented.

Enemies are now in play (Now with the trademark circular placeholder that I use so often) but as evidenced by the .swf above, only one of them currently detects the collision (It was just for testing, it’s fairly straight forward to do the rest). The design should be updated by the next build.

The controls are now limited to only being able to move down and resist the fall up. I will implement a mode change so that the parachute can move up and down freely to avoid the birds when fixed. Also, the game will stop if the player collides with the pigeon that has collision detection enabled, seeing as this is an early build, I didn’t get around to implementing a reply factor to the game yet, so if you want to have another look at it, you’ll have to refresh the page.

I changed the background colour to a more lively light blue. Why this is a notable update, I don’t know.

The parachutist is no longer a red circle, I may animate the character but this is dependant on time, the priority is to have the game functioning to display the concept in relation to the proposal, animations aren’t a necessity but I will fit it in if I have time.

The counters are also a new integration to the game. They are visual markers for the player to identify progress. This should be far more prominent in the builds to come when I finally tackle the equipment, weight and points systems.


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