Aspects of Play: DeadFall – Fifth Build

Press LEFT on the Arrow keys, to initiate a test parachute fix
Sometimes it won’t register the button press until you click on the .swf itself first.

The design was irritating me to look at, so I purged majority of the assets of their lines so it would look more ‘interesting’.

As seen above I improved the birds design so that they aren’t the placeholders and are actual birds (well, not actual, actual birds) this time.

You’ll notice a qwerky action occurring on collision with the ground and the primary bird. I’ve been testing a mode change (the one that you initiate with the LEFT arrow key) to switch the parachute between being broken and fixed. Broken would have the inability to move upwards and would only be able to move downwards. Whereas fixed would have full movement control (up and down) to help avoid the birds and get more points. The idea behind this would be to have the parachute break again if the birds hit it.

I’m considering removing the mode change. Or at least diminish the characteristics. The problem i’m having is to do with the way in which the player collides with other objects. In the code, the player collides and the mode is changed, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to try and have the collision register the parachute has been hit, then change to the other mode. You see the code is currently saying “If you collide with this, change the mode, else if your mode is this, do this” which basically says that as long as the player is colliding with the object, it’ll always cycle back to the broken state without reprieve. I honestly don’t see a way around this, to be honest.


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