Aspects of Play: DeadFall – Eighth Build

Press LEFT on the Arrow keys, to initiate a test parachute fix
Sometimes it won’t register the button press until you click on the .swf itself first.

Significant progress made in this build. The game is now integrated in with the shop and the splash screen, although I still have yet to implement a retry button (It’s as painful for me to test without one as it is for you to play without one. Don’t worry it’ll be implemented soon, I hope) The game now registers an item being purchased and aptly gives feedback on the screen to show that you have purchased something. Note that I will most likely have a tick of some sort to show that the item has been purchased in a more visually identifiable way.

Also, as I didn’t mention this in previous build notes, I did restrict the parameters of the mode change. I couldn’t find a working way of having it switch modes whilst still colliding without using a timer (And I really didn’t want to be fiddling around with a timer, whilst a majority of the framework of the game was unfinished).

Game has been largely untouched since a few builds ago, due to the lack of things needed to be altered until the equipment system was integrated. Additionally, I’ll be adding small HUD features to accommodate for progressive things within the game (such as the score and if the parachute was fixed or not).


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