Interactive Environments: The Tower (Update #7)

Long time since an update, I’ve been working on and off on this building since last and the project has steered away from initial projection. By that, the project has been lagging behind a bit and we simply couldn’t get what we initially intended to finish for hand-in, done by that time. So we decided that the internal aspect of Paragon Station was the priority and that the external side of it wouldn’t be a priority, which basically included my building. From this I remained developing it simply because the buildings still would be needed for the continuation of this project when we extend the level outwards. The updates for this build; I improved the overall architecture of the building and some things have been tightened up.


Up next is the holidays, I hope to get something done in that period of time, the rough architecture of what I wanted to build is in place. I may just leave the architecture as this as a rough design and work on getting a texture ready for hand-in. Although there are some geometry issues that I will have to address beforehand.


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