Aspects of Play: DeadFall – Ninth Build

Press LEFT on the Arrow keys, to initiate a test parachute fix
Sometimes it won’t register the button press until you click on the .swf itself first.

Finally the retry button has been added and now the game has an unbreakable loop to it’s logical flow that is actually useful. Granted I have yet to position it properly, it’s still there though!

Primarily in this build is the aforementioned loop that stops the game from ceasing and being useless. The equipment store is fixed so that it’ll indicate more visually what you purchase and give you your current points to spend. Also to clarify, the equipment doesn’t save whether you use it or not, because in this game, it’s about getting as far as possible, landing on the ground still means game over (Although I may alter the word phrasing for when you land at the bottom, so you don’t ‘die’ but just ‘land’).

There isn’t much left to do except the weight system, chance of actually fixing the parachute and the small HUD features that i’ll be attempting to implement. And the instructions, can’t forget about the instructions.


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