Aspects of Play: DeadFall – Tenth Build

Press LEFT on the Arrow keys, to initiate a test parachute fix
Sometimes it won’t register the button press until you click on the .swf itself first.

*Note: This game is designed for a 800×600 window, of which this current WordPress theme won’t allow. So if things look strange (primarily the HUD), it isn’t my fault, this time.*

Potentially the last build. Everything I wanted to implement has been implemented. The HUD (See note above) works and displays the amount of current points and if the parachute is fixed. The chance of a fix is dependant on the amount of equipment you have, to make it fair, the player has the ability to fix the parachute even without equipment but that chance is the slimmest of all. The instructions are implemented and the more equipment the character has the faster they will fall.

In terms of future builds, for now I will leave it as this. If I get feedback from peers or decide that something needs changing, i’ll change the game accordingly and post another build, but otherwise this will be the tentative ‘final’ build.


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