Interactive Environments: Paragon Project – Interactivity Ideas

With the project being an interactive environment, obviously there needs to be interaction for the player to be more immersed. By default, having a playable level and the player being able to navigate it, includes it as ‘interactive’ but to make it more enjoyable for the player, i will propose some ideas to be transposed on to the level with the following;

  • Underground – As the Paragon Station has an underground section to it, I was thinking that this could have a tunnel throughout the map to allow the player easy escape and/or exit from the station and near to one of the street sections that will be developed later on in the project.
  • Height – To ensure that the player isn’t bored with just wandering around the map, I’d suggest having ladders or something of the sort to allow the player to get ontop of buildings. With my building The Tower for example, a scripted sequence could allow the player to drop down a ladder that could connect it with the Hull School of Art building situated right next to it to allow for traversal in that regard.
  • The Small Things – A solid factor towards interactivity is the small things, the things that the game allows the player to do on the smaller scale of things, such as; opening doors, pressing buttons and interacting more inclusively with objects on the level
  • Life – Having animals and other intractable humans in the level increases the realistic feel of the game and makes it more intractable and relatable for the player.

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