Aspects of Play: The Ashes Flash Game

As part of the module, the task was to look into the various types of games within the 3 specific bands of play. The band this game I shall be discussing ‘The Ashes: Flash Game’ belongs to is Internet Based.

When playing The Ashes, I found that it belonged to the following categories of play in relation to Roger Caillois’ theory of play; Mimicry, Alea and Agon

In terms of Mimicry, the player takes the helm of an entire team in correlation to the cricket test series, known as The Ashes of which Australia and England have various test matches spanning several days to win the tournament, as a game it takes two forms for the player to control their character, either Batting or Bowling of with the player chooses to either bat the ball or attempt to catch the batting player out. Agon comes from the competitive element of wanting to win and beating the AI operating the opposing team. Illinx doesn’t attain a form within this game as the mimicry is limited to simple button presses that doesn’t allow the player to be disoriented by visual distortion. Alea comes in the form of the AI chooses randomly how they approach each turn, for instance if you were batting, the AI would randomly choose the differing places on the screen to throw the ball in an attempt to catch you out.

In terms of the elements in this game that I liked, I really liked the ability to choose the team you want to play as and the fact that there is AI within the game to help simulate the sport more accurately and enforce the replayability factor and competitive aspect.

State of Flow, was it achieved?

No. I found that it was very monotonous to play as it took too long between turns and the fact that cricket itself as a sport isn’t something that requires an intense amount of focus, of which is a criteria of which I tend to compare against the game when measuring instances of flow, I didn’t find it flow inducing.

If I were designing a game similar to this, I would make it more fast paced. Cricket is itself a slow sport, so as a game its fairly boring to play, so I would make it more action based and more applicable to a wider audience instead of being a straight simulator.


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