Self Initiated Project: Initial Ideas/Proposals

For the beginning of the semester, we were tasked with conceptualizing 3 game/content ideas that would supplement and span the entirety of this semester. The idea behind this is that with own ingenuity we; plan, research, produce and evaluate all of the work we do, but this time stemming from our own personal understanding of how to initialize and manage a project. When approaching my personal ideas, I knew that I wanted to move on from using previous software applications and move onto using actual 3D software to enhance my personal development. With this, I decided on Unity as being the primary deciding factor on what type of game I was going to conceptualize.

The following are my ideas/proposals for the module;

#1 – Platformer

You play as a malfunctioning Television that is desperately trying to restart itself before you are discarded forever by your owner. In order to stop your impending doom, you must voyage through your internal circuitry and traverse through the hordes of iconic television moments that you and your owner have shared, in order to find your power source and restart yourself.

™Taking on a side view perspective (Potential for having a third person perspective on other Television shows), the game plays similarly to any platformer. The difference with this game, is that the Television in question takes the form of the protagonist of the television show you are voyaging through. This can mean that the gameplay can go from being a platforming shoot-em up, to a platforming brawler, to simply being a regular platformer.

#2 – Stealth Survival

Awaking in the middle of the night, you begin hearing noises and realise that your home is being invaded for reasons unbeknownst to you. Unarmed and lacking in fighting skill, you must traverse your house and decide what you want to do; silently avoid the armed trespassers and escape or attempt to deal with them.

The game will be first person perspective, in order to draw into the immersion factor of said perspective and to heighten the intensity of the situation. It will predominantly be without combat for the most part, which will only take the form of silently disposing of enemies if the player so wishes (For this the player must find objects that promote hostility, which would be something along the lines of a knife or anything that could be used to cause harm), although they can avoid doing this all together and attempt escaping without bloodshed. Enemies will shoot on sight and are linked with a narrative aspect of wanting to kill the player, so there is little chance for the player to escape after being seen. The player can interact with most things in the environment and use them to their advantage, for instance; making noise within a certain room or leaving a light on, in order to snare some enemies into one spot, to make escaping marginally easier.

#3 – Action-Adventure Game

You play as two anthropomorphic co-workers on the run from their former employers. As a result of a company experiment gone wrong, they attained the ability to combine into one, an asset your former employers didn’t want to lose so quickly. This form however, can only be sustained for as long as they can co-operate, which isn’t long.

The game will be in a third person perspective and the combat will vary between the protagonists. One will only have the ability to use only ranged weapons that they would require aid in close quarters from the other, and the other protagonist would only have the ability to use melee based combat, so the symbiotic effect of teamwork would be prevalent throughout. Obviously then, when they combine they then have the ability of using ranged and melee based combat in support of one another. The idea is for this game to be somewhat similar to that of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons that has two protagonists being operated (with a controller) using the two thumb-sticks  or have a Dragon Age type party system that has either a co-op partner or AI take the role of the protagonist that the player isn’t using.


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