Self Initiated Project: Final Proposal (Instinct)

So for the Self Initiated Project, I decided to go with the ‘Stealth Survival’ (Tentatively named ‘Instinct’) game instead of the other 2 options, simply because I felt the need to focus more on my environment modelling in order to better supplement other modules and also bolster those skills. This is so that I can prepare to look further into character rigging and animation, of which is also the tertiary goal for this project.


Awaking in the middle of the night, you begin hearing noises and realise that your home is being invaded for reasons unbeknownst to you. Unarmed and lacking in fighting skill, you must traverse your house and decide what you want to do; silently avoid the armed trespassers and escape or attempt to deal with them.

The game will be first person perspective, in order to draw into the immersion factor of said perspective and to heighten the intensity of the situation. It will predominantly be without combat for the most part, which will only take the form of silently disposing of enemies if the player so wishes (For this the player must find objects that promote hostility, which would be something along the lines of a knife or anything that could be used to cause harm), although they can avoid doing this all together and attempt escaping without bloodshed. Enemies will shoot on sight and are linked with a narrative aspect of wanting to kill the player, so there is little chance for the player to escape after being seen. The player can interact with most things in the environment and use them to their advantage, for instance; making noise within a certain room or leaving a light on, in order to snare some enemies into one spot, to make escaping marginally easier.


  • Primary: The primary target for me to achieve throughout the entirety of this module is to create the environment that the game takes place in. This means 3D Modelling, texturing and producing a playable level, namely the house itself. The reason this takes priority is because without a level/environment, the game wouldn’t have a platform to appropriately express everything it tries to do with its mechanics.
  • Secondary: The game mechanics will be secondary priority for this module as they are relatively important but the environment, of which I need to focus on improving, takes priority. These mechanics will govern the stealth mechanics and enemy character models, that are the fundamental aspect of the game.
  • Tertiary: The tertiary target will be for me to look into and attempt character rigging and animation for the enemy 3D models in order to better portray the scenario I am attempting to capture. Also, I would ideally like to have interactable objects present within the level but at present moment, this isn’t a necessity for the project within the realms of this semester.


In a first person perspective, the player plays as the protagonist Evelyn, as they are awoken in the middle of the night to a disturbance within the house. Gameplay orientates around the primary principle of stealth based gameplay where the player must navigate a specific environment, in this case the protagonists home, and avoid the trespassers. With this, the player will use their own knowledge of the house layout to their advantage and use this to either evade or deal with the trespassers. The catch, is that the protagonist is not a proficient fighter and has no tactical awareness, just an ordinary individual within an unfortunately terrifying situation.

The main directive of the game is to escape the house. The player can choose to eliminate the trespassers instead of evading them, but for every enemy disposed of, the game will make it increasingly difficult to escape if a body is spotted by another trespasser. The player gains points for every minute they have survived, the longer they survive, the higher the score. This score is then doubled if the player escapes the house intact without alarming the trespassers. The motivation of the player is primarily based around the desire to escape the house. This is driven by the AI encroaching on the players position and motivating the player to move forward.

Similar to any first person game the player can navigate the level using the WSAD keys. Hitting Q will initiate stealth mode, of which limits movement speed, has the player crouching but eliminates majority of the noise the player makes by moving. Thus decreasing their chances of being heard by the trespassers. Objects within the environment will be interactive. i.e, Light switches can be turned on in order to snare enemies into specific areas of the house, to make escape or elimination easier. This game isn’t structured in any primary form. The player is given the objective to escape and that becomes their prerogative throughout the games entirety. Meaning that it begins when the player gains control and only ends once the player either dies or escapes the house. The game is purely single-player. ‘Bragging rights’ as a mechanics could be present if the player plays it within a network of peers in order to see who can amass the most amount of points and escape.


The game takes place within the players house, allowing the player to navigate through the conventional rooms of said house, such as; Bathroom, Toilet, Kitchen, Dining/Living Room, etc.

It will also be fundamentally in the first person perspective. 


The genre the game would encompass would be primarily Stealth with Survival elements.

With the intended message of violence and steering towards being a game based around the question “What would you do if your home was invaded in the middle of the night?”. The fundamental aspect of this would be down to the player to decipher what that specifically is.

This game will be built within Unity.


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