Self Initiated Project – Floor Plan Research

In order to gain a greater understanding of the type of floor plan I want to go with and how I want to best set the level out, I thought it best to look into pre-existing floor plans. A few examples I pulled are ones that caught my eye for their complexity and general unique architectural properties.

This one particularly caught me eye because of the potential routes that could be used throughout the layout for the player to evade the trespassers. Although the intensity of the situation would be lost on a house of that size.

Although nice to have reference for the exterior side of the house, I don’t think that I will be using any exterior reference for the final product as I don’t intend on creating the exterior elements of the house within this project. The reason for this is that as the primary game element is within the house and the end goal is to reach the outside, time wouldn’t be best afforded to something that would be visible for mere seconds upon completion of the game and that then depends on whether or not I have the capacity to complete the project up until the point of which it has function as a game and requires that end scenario.

Looking over these floor plans has made me come to the decision that despite this game needing a relatively large amount of room to operate as a stealth game, I don’t think a mansion-type building would suffice to allow the player to feel like this was a home instead of a massive structure. If anything I may try to mesh some of the room structures and placements from these floor plans with my own personal intuition on what may be best to be suited in specific locations, and knowledge of my current housing situation and its architectural properties.


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