Self Initiated Project: Unity Research

Having absolutely no prior experience with Unity, I decided to dive in at the deep end and run through one of the more well known tutorials to get a basic understanding of how things work. This being the ‘Roll-a-Ball’ tutorial, of which guides the user through an 8-step tutorial of creating; a level, having a movable object and that object being able to ‘pick-up’ other objects.

For those interested in following suit, the tutorial is available from Unity’s own tutorials section, here

Note: I would’ve recorded a brief look at the end result but my video recording software has decided to stop working for me, so I shall update this post if I get around to fixing that issue. For now, enjoy these screenshots I took whilst going through the tutorial. (Yes, I left the walls at a disproportionate size in comparison to that prescribed in the tutorial, I apologise to those with OCD)

62a3e7cf41583f0abe1e70f73b87bc49 Capture

The main aim of this tutorial was to be a vehicle for the user to learn the basics of Unity, whilst also having something tangible in itself as an end product. I thought personally it was a fantastic starting point for learning the ins and outs of Unity and provided me some very valuable and key information from the individual voicing and going through the tutorial. Doing this has indeed left me in a position of which I would feel comfortable moving forward with my own project and being confident in producing something using Unity.


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