Self Initiated Project – Gone Home Research

When looking into games that fit this specific type of project, the one game that jumped out at me was one that I had previously looked at in a previous module in a different context, Gone Home. An Indie game created by The Fullbright Company, is a game that is essentially exploring a house. Although not on par with the concept of my project being that it’s a stealth game and not an exploration game, its environment and level design is notable as a recent piece that is relevant to the primary objective of the project and thus is potentially influential in helping me decide on the final design for the level. The other thing to note, of which is why I selected to re-discuss this game, is that it is made in Unity, the engine I intend on creating my level within.

Here we have a screenshot from the game that depicts a bedroom. The primary launching point from the concept of my project is that it starts within the players bedroom and leads on from there as the player discovers why their house is being invaded but also trying to stay alive. The reason I decided to show this screenshot in-particular is because of how easily it is to display life and storytelling within a level just from the items on screen. Whether or not I could replicate something of this visual fidelity within my allotted semester time span given how many rooms I have to cover, is another issue that may reduce the quality overall but won’t impact the end result too much.

I included this one as a reference point for how I want to intend to produce the lighting within the level. Scenic and horror-movie esque that visually intensifies the situation. Now it’s a similar situation in both games that it’s based at night in order to provide that element of mystery, although with my intended project I do intend on having most lighting off within the level which isn’t particularly an easy thing for the player as they need to see where they are going so I’m sure I can negotiate some source of lighting within my level somewhere.

These two are reference for how populated the level could become in terms of assets, I’m not particularly sure on how many assets I want to create for the level as my main concern is the level itself but without assets it wouldn’t particularly be representative of an actual house if nothing was present.

Lastly, this image is a screenshot from within Unity that the developers had taken during development. It may not seem like much but when it comes to designing the level it’ll help me immensely when it comes to designing how each floor and room will be designed and put together in Unity.

For those wondering, the RockPaperShotgun article that discusses Gone Home more in depth in its prereleased form, can be found here.


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