Client Practice & Self Initiated Project: Dustbin

So after The Tower was finished I was left with nothing to do except go through and do various assets, with this I looked upon the list within the studio and picked from it a relatively simple asset to ease myself into the mindset of creating content within a shorter period of time, of which will help me within my Self Initiated Project module. I chose to do a Dustbin. I was later informed that the dustbin I had created and the asset in general were not of the time period that we had designated and thus were not needed for the project, so I then picked another asset (Of which I will go over in a separate post). Instead of simply discarding the model and textures as time wasted, I have decided to find use for it within some capacity in the other aforementioned module.

Bin4 Dustbin Dustbin2 Dustbin3

I built this to be primarily a metallic dustbin and I modeled it into 3 separate elements of which can be interchangeable dependent on preference, with: The main body, the trash that can go into (near the top of) the bin and the lid that can go atop of the bin itself. The screenshot above is just one of the many positions and instances that the dustbin can be placed and looked upon.


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