Client Related Practice & Self Initiated Project: People

Client Related Practice: After much deliberation on what I should do next within the project, I noticed my colleague Adam was creating people in order to populate the level. Having a personal interest in character modelling and an expression to do so potentially later in my career, I took it upon myself in my own personal time to have an attempt at modelling a template head that my aforementioned colleague could potentially use as part of a whole character model. Due to the task not necessarily being mine to begin with as it belonged to my colleague, I approached it in an extremely casual way of which I didn’t use a tutorial as I wanted to see how well I could model a human head without direction.

The casual nature of this approach led to a moderately decent attempt at a human head that I knew I could do better in. When it came down to our group critique of which we gathered around and suggested any improvements to the assets that were currently placed within the level, I offered Adam the option to use my human head with his character model that he was creating. Opting to use it, it was displayed during the critique and the constructive criticism received of the model, in particular the head, was that of incorrect topology.

Self Initiated Project: As a tertiary objective, one of the tasks is to create the human antagonists that would populate the level within Unity and seek the player out. Now I knew this wasn’t a primary objective and that the house was priority for completion within this project. Seizing the opportunity within the Client Related Practice module to create people was an effective way to work on this for both modules without sacrificing too much time away from the priority objective.


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