Client Related Practice & Self Initiated Project: People Progress #3 – Ear Tutorial

Instead of simply having the ears as a texture as my colleague Adam would have suggested I do, I opted to model them solely on the principle that I had yet to model them before and it would be beneficial to have this as a template piece for any future projects I may undertake involving character modelling.

I found the tutorial to be very useful in helping me understand a quick and easy way to model the human ear. One of the few downsides to the tutorial is that it’s done using a different piece of software than 3DS Max, the other being that the individual recording this tutorial appropriates their 3D model by their own reference material of which won’t be accessible to the viewer, so you have to locate a replacement that won’t follow the same geometry as the tutorial and can distort results. Below are the results that I came up with once completing the tutorial, also including the updated mesh of the face that is constantly undergoing improvement, there are geometry issues that show more with smoothing applied but are generally unnoticeable in this low polygonal state.



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