Client Related Practice & Self Initiated Project: People Progress #8 – Rigging & Weight-Mapping

So having no prior experience with rigging and weight-mapping, it was obvious that I needed to find a tutorial to help me achieve this. The tutorial covers a basic overview of the concepts of rigging and weight-mapping within 3DS Max. It doesn’t however provide a step by step as it’s just an individual rigging their own model, instead it’s more to be used as reference for things within rigging to do. The tutorial below:

I found this to be a highly useful and informative tutorial and gives a lot of personal insight into what can be done towards character rigging. The only downside to this tutorial is the authors constant skipping towards a more finished version, that leaves a big gap logic gap between the model and the finished version in regards to mistakes and errors that could arise. Below are the results of using this tutorial in regards to my own personal work, including; rigging, weight mapping and testing the deformation of limbs using the skin modifier.


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