Self Initiated Project: Evaluation

In terms of this Self Initiated Project, the primary objective of the semester was to create a playable level that would in time, house this game concept. This objective was achieved, although the level doesn’t have all of the assets and elements I would’ve liked to fully implement in the sense of assets and general population but still ascertains to the objective. The secondary objective was to look into the mechanics that would supplement the level and kickstart the inevitable game aspect of the project, this objective wasn’t achieved due to the primary focus being the level but I have personally researched the topic and how to do it in Unity so that may prove useful should I continue the project on within my personal time. The tertiary objective was to implement interactable objects and enemy AI/character models. This objective was partially achieved as I had the opportunity from another unit to combine work efforts and create something for both in regards to the people character models that will be used by the enemy AI.

There was a relatively sizeable period of time within the project whilst I was working on the people that my attention was turned away from the building the actual level and I think that because of this, the overall quality of the final product didn’t reach my own personal level of satisfaction that I would’ve originally wanted to attain.

Numerous amount of the assets shown within the level tended to be relatively rushed in regards to their quality. I feel like this was a result of my personal tendency to disregard their importance until nearer the deadline which definitely impacted their overall look. If I were doing this specific project again, I would most definitely look into utilising more project management tools to keep me within the parameters of my own objectives.

During the progress of the project I became self aware of the mistakes I had made during the start of the project, which meant that I would continually negotiate with the notion of restarting the entire building again, or attempting to piece together what was there. In hindsight I probably should’ve started again, knowing that I could’ve easily rectified the results in less time than it took me to adjust specific parameters of the project to it.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the project for the most part, regardless of the issues had and the grasping of Unity. It allowed me to pursue various avenues of development whilst sticking to a core concept and has given me the insight to see improvements that I can make in my work but also how far I have progressed in doing so. I would’ve preferred to have an actual game product as my final product but this project is a demonstration of how best to utilise my time and unfortunately I was unable to make that a reality.


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