About Me

About Me

My name is Craig Overton. As of typing this I’m currently 19 years old. As mentioned previously, I study Games Design at HSAD.

To give you a better insight into why I  do what I do, I thought it best to draft some questions out that I could answer;

  • Why am I studying Games Design? 

Like anyone, Games have practically been apart of my life throughout it’s 19 year duration. So it goes without saying it’s particularly my favourite pastime. Really, my main motivation for doing this is the desire to learn how games are made, develop a greater understanding of the themes behind them, explore the narrative side, sharpen my skills and one day create one of my own that I can be proud of.

  • What’s your speciality?

Realistically, I don’t currently have one. I’d personally put it down to not having the opportunity to test what I can do in regards to game creation. I like to refer to myself as the “Idea Man”, simply because I have those amazing ideas (well, what I think are amazing) but lack the proper executable skills to pull them off.

  • What field within Games Design are you looking to go into?

Preferably, I’d be more leaning towards the conceptualization stage. Either with narrative/lore or character creation.


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