Character Concept #1: Game-Play Ideas

Game-play Concept Ideas

To integrate this character into a game-play perspective i thought of a number of concepts that could work for how this character operates:

  • Third-Person Perspective
  • Due to the narrative aspect of powers not being able to efficiently multitask, the idea arose that the character switch ‘Modes’ between Flight and Walking/Hovering.
  • Weapon-wise, it isn’t essentially an easy task to decipher what kind of combat route the game would take. Taking the concept of Psionic Energy ‘Hand Blasters’ would be the only ranged combat option that disregards the characters inability for vigorous melee combat.
  • HUD (Heads up Display) I was thinking that there would be a ‘Concentration’ meter implemented that would measure the concentration of the protagonist against how much ‘Chaotic’ behaviour was going on around him. If the meter drops below a certain point, the powers cease working. Causing players to think about flying into specific areas to retain abilities or stop themselves falling mid-flight.
  • Having a character who can fly and speeds such as this, it would be important to either limit the speed he can go as a narrative point such as “Character gets an onset headache if going to quickly” or expanding the size of the level to ensure maximum potential free-roam but limiting the player to the map because of “Military or Rhombus presence”
  • The enemy presence within the game can take the form of Rhombus members and associates. Additionally the Shaman’s minions can be an enemy that begins emerging as the player progresses through the narrative.

Character Concept #1: Backstory & Purpose


Born in Aberdeen, Scotland to an American father and a Scottish mother. After his mother mysteriously died during childbirth, his father soon after relocated the family to live with Simons grandmother is Los Angeles. Growing up he was always a sheltered child, after having to helplessly watch his wife die whilst giving birth, his father forbade him to do anything of noteworthy “risk”. He spent his childhood being homeschooled by his father for the most part, thus garnering a more introverted personality.

At the age of 12, his father started to be more frequent with his out of town excursions. It was around this time that Simon received his skateboard that his grandfather gifted him for christmas. Hesitant to use it at first, he began practicing with the aid of his grandpa in their garden. The first initial tries, Simon would fall but rise straight backup with a grin on his face. Eventually on his first solo trial run, he ended up breaking his own nose after daring to pull off a trick he had seen others perform at the local skatepark. This left the distinguishing scar covering the entirety of the bridge on his nose. Also, this was relatively close to the time when he befriended his now best friend Dex. They met after Simon began calming the slightly younger Dex whilst his sister continued neglected him at the local skate park. Soon after they both struck up a great comradery with Simon teaching Dex how to Skateboard. Other than this, Simons childhood was overshadowed by the over sheltering influence of his father who objected to Simon using the Skateboard gifted to him by his grandfather. Nonetheless Simon continued to object to his father’s demands.

Around the time Simon was 16, he began to be more daring with the activities he began to partake in. It started with Rock Climbing and escalated very quickly into Skydiving. Attributed to with his fathers increasing frequency of out of town activities. After dropping out of school a year later, he began having the desire to skydive more. Growing obsessed with it, issuing the point that “When you’re falling with the Earth below you, the wind through your hair and with the slight chance of your parachute not working, that’s the biggest rush. And i don’t think i could leave that behind to work in front of a computer screen all my life”
Doing just that, Simon began seeking employment as an instructor. Much to his naive perspective on life, he thought he could easily walk into the job and make money, oh how wrong he was. After many setbacks and obstacles he finally got an apprenticeship, barely being able to observe client based work for months.

It wasn’t until he was around 20 years old that he finally became a semi-qualified instructor. Around this time his father ceased communication out of disgust for Simon putting his life at risk, and effectively vanished from his life. It wasn’t long before skateboarding to work one particular morning that he was pulled off of his board by a group of masked individuals and taken into an abandoned factory not far from his route to work. They questioned him for hours on the whereabouts of his father, threatening him with violence if said information wasn’t communicated. Not knowing where his father was or what he had done to deserve this type of audience, the confrontation turned violent. After hours of torture with no answer to give, a rush of adrenaline in Simons metabolic system sent a blast of psychic energy out, rendering the entire room unconscious. Escaping his bonds he quickly grabbed his skateboard and ran, eventually the assailants caught up to him. But before they could grab him, unknowingly Simon lifted the skateboard and himself into the air and continued obliviously whilst onlookers were astounded at the spectacle before them.
It wasn’t long before Simon realised he was essentially flying on his skateboard, making an abrupt crash landing near to his apartment, he bombarded the doors and began to decipher what had happened. Being a comic book fan, he initially realised that he had some form of Telekinetic Ability, testing said theory upon lifting a carton of Chinese food leftover from two nights ago. Plunging into his collection of comics to figure his next move out he knew he needed to find his father before a worser fate befitted him. Not wanting to jeopardize his identity further, he began constructing an identity to protect his friends and family. Fashioning a costume out of his spare skydiving suit, he donned the costume and set out to learn what he has become and to find answers.

After gaining his abilities Simon’s purpose became solely driven towards finding his father. He isn’t what comic books would define as a ‘Hero’ as he doesn’t proactively fly around stopping crime. If he sees crime being committed in front of him he won’t hesitate to lend a hand but he’s more focused on finding his father and discovering why he has these powers in the first place. Whilst also maintaining his dual identities and keeping out of sight from the watchful eye of the Rhombus.

Over the course of his story after he finds his father in the kind of ‘state’ that he his in, then Simon’s reasoning shifts from wanting answers to primarily wanting the people responsible to answer for what they have done. Additionally, his voyage of self discovery will dock in uncharted territory with Simon discovering his Psionic origins that will reveal the secret that his father fled to protect.

Character Concept #1: Family, Friends and Foes

Parents Names: Greg & Erica Michaels

Are his parents alive or dead:

  • His mother died mysteriously during childbirth
  • His father is currently missing, he is presumed to be alive but his whereabouts are unknown

Is the character still in contact with his parents:

  • The only living relative is currently missing, so no.


  • His mother initially was giving birth to twins, after Simon had been given birth to complications arose with his unborn sister. She and the mother died as a result.
  • Other than that Simon was raised an only child.

Other Important Relatives:

  • Grandfather (John Michaels)
  • Grandmother (Elaine Michaels)
  • An unnamed Uncle mentioned in his mother’s diary

Children: None

Best Friend:

  • After obtaining his Skateboard, Simon began frequenting the local Skate Park when he stayed with his grandparents. Being socially awkward he didn’t essentially socialise like all the other kids would. Instead he befriended a slightly younger child named Dexter (Often called “Dex” or “D” for short) who had been dragged there by his sister (Elise) of whom was the same age as Simon. After awhile they sparked a friendship out of a mutual hatred for Dex’s sister, Elise.

Other Important Friends:

  • Occasionally Simon would befriend work colleagues out of professional courtesy but none of any importance.


  • Elise – His best friend Dex’s older sister.
  • Seth – Simon’s work colleague and occasional friend
  • Nathan – Landlord of his apartment


  • Due to him admiring his long work hours he generally doesn’t have the time to maintain a pet. He once tried keeping a Clownfish named Rory, but within 4 days it died after Simon forgot to feed it.


  • Patrick – His boss, has a keen dislike for Simon because of his age and doesn’t believe he should be instructing potential clients because of this.
  • The Shaman – One of the names used by a rogue alien scientist who discovered how to unlock the gene code and give extraordinary abilities to his own kind. After being discovered for committing crimes against his own people, he fled his planet in search for a guinea pig race that he could use to gain mastery over Immortality. Landing on Earth a millennia ago, he unlocked the ability within himself to rejuvenate his body which was at a terrible cost. After discovering the abilities that Simon possesses he wishes to utilize them to advance his research, whether Simon cooperates or not.
  • Rhombus – A mafia type of organisation’ that act as a crime syndicate in the California area. They have a shared obsession with shapes, Rhombuses in particular. During his fathers disappearance Simon was kidnapped by the Rhombus in order to track him down as they believe he had an object of ‘interest’ in his possession. After being tortured by this lawless group it inadvertently activated Simons powers. They now proactively attempt to hunt Simon down in order to harness his power for their own ends.

Character Concept #1: Combat

Peaceful or Aggressive Attitude:

  • With having no melee combat training usually he takes combat with a peaceful approach with the notion to avoid rather than begin conflict. Although when angry/challenged he will resort to using his abilities when prompted.

Fighting Skills/Techniques:

  • As mentioned previously with no melee combat training or any kind of combat training altogether, he usually resorts to ranged combat in the form of utilizing his telekinesis, or on the occasion using his ability to convert psionic energy into physical form as a kind of “Hand Blaster”

Special Skills/Magical Powers:

  • He has the ability to use Telekinesis, which allows him to manipuate the properties of an object my moving them with his mind but directed with his hands. Primarily he uses this ability to traverse the environment by way of Telekinetic Flight, he achieves this by lifting his entire body off of the ground and travelling at tremendous speeds.
  • Additionally he as a low-level Telepathic ability that will grow with time. Currently he possesses the ability to create illusions within individuals minds to either become unnoticeable or escape. He does not however have the ability to read minds because the power is not as developed yet.


  • With no combat expertise Simon generally doesn’t use weapons, he sticks to using his fists in low numbered fist fights, Telekinesis or Flying directly at people and hitting them.

Weaknesses in combat:

  • Power fluctuates depending on concentration level
  • He isn’t superhuman so he can be affected by all ailments in regards to normal human vulnerabilities
  • Inability to fully function when multitasking. For example, if he is trying to stop a multiple bullets from hitting him but also trying to fly, he’ll either; get shot, fall to the ground or both if not fully concentrating.
  • He doesn’t have the physique or strength for melee combat. He can often hold his own in small numbered crowds but has no combat training or desire to get into a fist fight.

Strengths in combat

  • When flying, he produces a psionic force-field that covers the entirety of his body. This doesn’t protect him from damage entirely as it isn’t permanent, it’ll just absorb some damage and detract from any potential concentration breaker
  • Can use his telekinetic ability to lift objects to throw at people
  • Due to his low level telepathy he can occasionally trick the minds of those around him into thinking he is elsewhere or invisible. This is strenuous to pull of but can be used for quick getaways if injured.

Character Concept #1: House, Home & Career

House and Home

Describe the character’s house/home:

  • Simon lives in a one bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Anaheim, California. Being a skydiving instructor he generally doesn’t have much in the way of possessions and his apartment is generally not very well maintained. He lives by himself and works happily from 8am – 6pm, leaving generally no time to clean or make food. So he frequently visits local takeouts for ‘nourishment’ so it isn’t to anyone’s surprise that his apartment is littered with the empty cartons of Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine.

Significant/special belongings:

  • Ever since he was a child Simon lived a very sheltered life as a result of his fathers affection for not losing another of his family. Occasionally his father, a freelance graphic designer would often go out of town to find client work to earn money. This would result in Simon being left with his grandparents fairly frequently. His grandfather one christmas decided to give Simon a skateboard, he grew to cherish the skateboard and when his grandfather passed years later and kept it as a memento of the admiration he shared for him.


Level of Education:

  • Academic-wise Simon didn’t ‘excel’ in the way his father would have wished him too. By the age of 16 he had started to dabble with ‘Adrenaline-Junkie-esque’ activities much to the dismay of his father. Seeing school as an obstacle to his enjoyment he dropped out. Initially it had been his dream as a boy to become a pilot but his fear of heights had always put him off. After getting over that fear when skydiving for the first time, he realised his true calling. With being a pilot a narrow opportunity he decided to garner the desire to skydive for a living.


  • None of merit, he dropped out of community college whilst doing an associates degree in Physics.

Current Job Title and Description:

  • Trainee Skydiving Instructor – As a job he mainly observes the other instructors in action whilst taking clients into the air. He is still required to pass a few more tests before being able to go into the air with a client. Although he is allowed to skydive by himself.

Name of Employer:

  • Anaheim Sky

Character Concept #1: Skills & Eating Habits

Special Abilities: Telekinesis and Telepathy

Talents/Skills: Telekinetic Flight, Illusionary Telepathy

Ability to operate vehicles: Only type of ‘vehicle’ he has ever needed was his skateboard

Eating Habits

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore

Favourite food(s): Steak, Rice, Cheese, Bacon, Burritos

Favourite drink(s): Water, Orange Juice, Papaya Juice, Coffee

Disliked food: Strawberries, Salmon, Hot Dogs

Disliked drinks: Lemonade, Kool-Aid, Herbal Tea

Character Concept #1: Personality

Personality: Shy, Timid. Introverted due to his childhood of being over sheltered by his father.

Likes: Cats, Skateboarding, Listening to music, Reading on occasion

Dislikes: His boss, Having a sheltered childhood, Children, Public transport, Politics

Fears/Phobias: Squirrels, As a child he had a fear of heights but after learning how to fly he quickly overcome it.

Hobbies: Skateboarding, Reading Comic Books,

Taste in music: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Grunge, Indie Pop