Summer Stuff: What I’m Doing

I was rummaging through my blog a few weeks ago to evaluate my progress throughout the first year at HSAD and I saw my practically unused character design for the character ‘Cerebral Knight‘ with a boatload of detail into the creation of the character. Seeing that I didn’t actually use the character whatsoever in said semester because of differing ideas, I began thinking again of the possibilities the character could bring and how I could actually use him in some form or another.

You see this character was ‘birthed’ from a previous summer where I became fixated with comic book ‘superhero’ characters and their creation, this in turn inspired me to start creating/writing characters, of which this one was given life. I designed him to be a Superman-esque inspired individual that was to be awed by everyone. I practically created my own lame Justice League/Avengers equivalent (Lame Justice?) with the concept of being ‘un-ordinarily weird’. And I liked it. They where relatable characters that I could envisage being in that same class of the JLA. But In the end, I realized how pointless most of them where. Most where carbon copies with minimalistic differences just with a different super power.

Then I started university, and my eyes where opened slightly wider on the scope of character creation. I stopped trying to create spectacular characters and really hunkered down in my thinking of things to envisage real people in extraordinary situations. Passing the time between finishing my first year and now, I’d been playing a lot of games. They’d given me a lot of inspiration and really started to help me in figuring out character purpose and design, and  it really got me thinking more about how I could use this to spur my own personal character design. (Those games in question: Arkham City, Remember Me & The Last of Us). So I started mixing things around (A Remember Me pun for anyone that’s played it). Taking aspects I thought where unique from different characters I created, throwing in some new things and pulling out a similar but entirely new idea.

Here’s the heaping mound of information I created about this character in my first semester:

Now I’ve further developed the character (Of which I’ll reveal in another string of long boring posts), also changing some aspects but for the most part it’s practically the same person. The intention is fairly simple here, make a game about real people in an extraordinary situation. I’m not talking in the span of however many weeks it is until my second year of university begins from the moment of typing, the intention is a self-learning process to develop my creative ability on the fly.

The idea: A Non-linear Open World Action-Adventure RPG (Am I allowed to put an acronym on this and start calling it ‘NOWAAR’? (Forget the L, that looks cooler))

Is that too many genres or am I just losing it?

Anyway, think of a game like  Saints Row 2, strip away the unnecessary violence, implement RPG elements and add a superpowered flare to it, and that’ll most likely be closest to what I’m thinking of.

I’ll start dishing out backstories, character bio’s and other amazingly boring things before I start actually doing something substantial. This was more of an update to address my lack of posting being a result of thinking too much about this idea. Also expect a lot of discussion worthy posts and research additionally.