Interactive Slideshow

For an assignment, we were tasked with creating an interactive slideshow in Adobe Flash. We had to come up with the main premise ourselves in a form of a 10 image narrative but the slideshow had to contain a; forward, backward and home button.

I chose to model the narrative after a cartoon version the Cerebral Knight character i had crafted and shown in previous posts. As a concept i went for this:


I wanted the concept to retain to the brief by having the main screen for the narrated image, the right hand bar for the text narration and the bottom half of the screen for navigational purposes. Eventually i took to Flash and constructed the template design that i now use. But before i could use this i needed to implement the imagery. As i have an inexperience with Photoshop i took to hand rendering the 10 images i used because i thought i could better convey the message i was trying to get across better through physical means. Here are the 10 images;

image1 image2 image3 image4 image7 image8 image9 image10 image5 image6

After this i was ready to construct the slideshow, the coding became difficult at times because of human errors i kept making with lapses of judgement and a lack of common sense. I prevailed eventually and came to this final product.


Overall i’m satisfied with the result. If i had a better attenuation for using Flash i think it could’ve been a lot more efficiently handled and more streamlined. I’ll take this as an experience and hopefully learn to improve the artwork next time and my ability to code said slideshow.

Sound used. (If it works)


Adobe Flash Tutorials

Over the course of the semester there were various tutorials on how to do specific things within Flash. The tutorials ranged from manipulating objects in the form of rotating, scaling and hiding them. They advanced further into covering subjects such as galleries and MSPaint-esque buildable creative suites. I enjoyed all of them immensely and they all brought a particular accolade to test again my skills that has helped me improve my craft. I would’ve showed these tutorials in singular moderation but i thought it better fitting because the last tutorial melds the rest together in to one collage.

And here is a quick video of myself demonstrating the results of the Flash tutorials.

Photoshop Concept Art #1: First Attempts

Within a tutorial i was shown by one of the tutors ways in which to use Photoshop more easily to create quick concepts. Coupled with learning the basic functions, the tutorial was centered primarily around distorting imagery for beneficial purposes, this is achieved by using tools such as; Burn, Heal, Lasso, Dodge and Polygonal Lasso, with additional tips on how to use Hue and Saturation Adjustments for better effect.


Here was my first attempt, i generally never used Photoshop in any prior concepts before so this was pretty new to me. For a first attempt i’m generally happy with how it came out. Looking back on it, i would’ve been a lot sharper with the execution of using the tools now i know what to do. I mistakenly used the Burn and Heal tools in this to create these image without the realization they were tools primarily for distortionary purposes like shading.


Here was my second attempt. I tried to incorporate some freehand perspective into the concept by making it seem it was on a road going off into the distance but as you can see it was abundantly clear i had a lot to learn. I was generally content with the image, i tried to capture a bus travelling down a desert road near to dusk and used the tools available to do so. I was inspired by the lighting at the front of the bus by something i’d seen years ago on Art Attack i believe, it was were the presenter took a black sheet of paper and instead of drawing the image he would only draw the parts of the image where the light would hit it. I tried to get that effect, yet the scene wasn’t sufficiently under-lit to achieve this so i attempted to effect on the rays of light protruding from the front section of the bus.

Overall, i can see the use for Photoshop when it comes to future projects. Obviously i’m going to have to work on refining my skills in order to better convey concepts but it’s a start.

Photoshop Tutorial #2: Tiled Textures

During a Photoshop tutorial, the tutor showed the various techniques involved with making tileable imagery. As a task, we were given free reign to find various imagery from the real world in an attempt to find images appropriate for the use in a practical environment.

To do this we took the images, selected a portion of the image that would be suitable for tiling. Then from this offset the image and clean the image appropriately so it looks viable for tiling. Once this was done, we mass produced the image in another document and placed several copies of this image in sequence with one another to test tile-ability.

As a result, i found 5 images and used the skills learned within this tutorial to produce 5 images that are of a ’tile-able’ nature:

Overall, i think that this is an effective method for producing textures for real-world object textures for appropriate situations that require them, such as 3D Modelling.

Digital Line Art – Initial Tutorial Results

During a tutorial session designed at giving us a brief overview of Adobe Photoshop, we were tasked with finding an example of Digital Art from the web to then use as a tool for a tutorial. Throughout this tutorial we were shown a variety of skills and techniques to help us develop our technical skills. After a time the tutorial expanded into free reign of which we were then permitted to pursue this task further to develop our own personal skills, using the examples we had found and applying the very same techniques to produce our own digitally remastered version of this particular line art. For this, i decided to produce two pieces in order to better hone my skills.

#1 – Eevee

For this i initially chose the line art of the Pokemon character Eevee. This was a particularly easy choice in regards to difficulty in producing art work with it, so this was a catalyst for my reasoning to produce two pieces of art. Below is the original line art selected from the internet.

And here is the artwork produce by myself after using the techniques shown and demonstrated to me in the tutorial session.

Notably, this was produced fairly rapidly with much time left over within the session for expansion. Instead of applying shading or any other effect i decided to tackle a more difficult piece of line art to help bolster my abilities within Photoshop.

#2 – Ezio Auditore

For this, i decided to go with a familiar character from a video game that i had wanted to produce some type of artwork for before, be it either sketches or general fan-art. From a visionary stand point Ezio in comparison to Eevee is extensively more detailed so it tested my abilities when producing this art work.

Here below is the initial artwork that was selected from the internet.

Here is the artwork i then created.

Overall, i personally believe this was a constructive step forward in being a creative person. This is a result of the fact that i had no prior expertise within Adobe Photoshop and now i believe i can sufficiently use this program within context to a satisfactory extent.