Film Production Evaluation

End of The Road is a 1 minute narrative film that entails the highs and lows of owning a rather aged laptop and the trials of coping with this on a day-to-day basis. The story was propositioned as the character having a ‘bad day’ with the laptop being slow and ceasing to work all-together, this then would lead to a rhetoric confrontation with the inanimate object leading to a ‘flashback’ scene. This scene was to be a commemorative small piece to the laptop referenced in a humourous fashion, making the character come upon the realization that this laptop was worth more sentimentally to him than he knew initially. After going back to use the laptop, it repeats its former mistake and pays the consequences. This leads into the destruction stage of which the laptop is thrusted down a flight of stairs with the impact being caught on camera, this scene specifically is the only one without voice over and uses real-time audio relative to the scene as the impact, i felt needed a realistic ‘deadpan’ aspect to the scene that gave it an emphasis on humour.

The differences between the primary idea/concept that was proposed was this ideal of ‘total destruction’ as for a 1 minute narrative, time wasn’t on my side in terms of recording a sequence of destruction that would fit inside this time slot along with other material. From here i reduced the ‘casualty’ to a simple throw down a flight of stairs. The tricky aspect i found with it was that i was unable to get a multi-shot angle as there was only one line of sight directly propped to where i needed it.

Aspects I Felt Where Good

Personally i liked this ‘deadpan’ comedy aspect that i tried deliver that was softened for the viewers ears with the appropriate background music, it really added to the overall message. I think for the microphone i was using, it was a fairly decent voice over even though i have no idea where that accent came from and i did think that the monotoned nature of the voice over helped with that deadpan aspect.

Aspects I Felt Where Relatively Not Good

If you can see primarily on the film is a light reflective blur across the character, this was a attributed to the room the film was shot in. It didn’t have adequate dim lighting, nor did it have sufficient glare coverage from natural lighting, so i had to make do with what was available. With this also the shot couldn’t have been reversed as the natural light source would’ve rendered the footage useless. Additionally i think the resolution of the video itself was another bad aspect of the film, this being blamed primarily on the format the film was shot in leaving the infamous ‘black bars’ on the sides of the video but also the software Adobe Premier Pro, just generally misbehaving, if an inanimate piece of software could do such a thing. Going back on the lighting aspect again, their was a lack of differing angles because of the light source that blocked any alternate views from being view-able.

Things I Think I Could Improve Upon

Primarily i think next time an external site that has more appropriate lighting, possibly not natural would be a step up, although the situation and film itself would dictate the necessity for that. Although i liked the audio voice over, i do think that a better microphone for  it would benefit me far greatly as i had experience within the recording of the microphone catching sounds that a more professional microphone would stop being transmitted into the recording. Additionally, the levels for the background music could be turned down slightly as it seems the voice-over and music are near to the same audio level.

Overall i’m generally pleased with the outcome, i did initially think that the film quality would’ve been far less than i anticipated originally but i enjoyed the process of finally producing a film using editing software and i believe that it’s definitely played a pivotal role in my increasing understanding and respect for the professionals that do this on a grander scale.


Concept Artist/Illustrative Practitioners: Paul Chadeisson

Paul Chadeisson is a freelance concept artist working out of Paris, France and is renown for supply the art and conceptuals of the soon to be released game Remember Me. I found his art most intriguing for two reasons, they tend to be very detailed and tend to cover enormous landscapes, and i’m eagerly anticipating the aforementioned game and thus the art jumped out at me.

6bc67e891a8a4eac70649f74c8a58e52 7f8e4b456f737412571ba89839d82626 8becb3621ae4a4eebfb9dc1b30084bb1 Paul_Chadeisson_14b Paul_Chadeisson_16b


A lot of Paul’s art tends to be futuristic and fantasy based. Remember Me set in a futuristic version of Paris, which plays right into Paul’s repertoire and allows him deliver vast visuals seen above. Interesting to note with his art style is that the game itself is based around this premise of the character losing her memory, and thus these buildings are distinctly memorable, i found this rather intriguing to tie into the game concept to nicely. Architecturally, it has this ethic of maintaining the ethos of what Paris is today and still incorporating the futuristic elements by adding the technological aspect to it, from the rural grass regions seen in the images across the bottom above, to the more modern shots. It’s almost like the artist is trying to blend both past, present and future into one distinct Paris scene.


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The Street – The Toy Shop Model

Sadly with corruption issues, i lost former versions of the model.. So anyways, here’s the final model;

I had the initial design of having the balcony and making it an entirely different shape. But this was before i was given the measurements that it had to be within and architecturally speaking, the upper living quarters with the initial design would’ve effectively been relatively like living inside of a shoe box, so for the sake of the imaginary house guest, i decided to standardize the upper floor. Additionally i did the same with the shape of the building, essentially half the building was going to be cut off on one of the back sides but it threw off the proportions of the model and made texturing and general modelling a pain. And that brings us to here, The Toy Shop.

fa28e72f1bdc4e3e957b85f274f7b7a0 2b3b81397dd6e25119d2d60e4cb7b181 26b775ad63bc572b32ada40dd59540de

I wanted the model to be as basic and as ‘blend-able’ as possible, because that’s what abandoned buildings are, unnoticeable. You see them if your looking, but they generally go unnoticed to the naked eye.

And here is the illustrious texture pack that makes all of the magic happen;


In hindsight, to make it look more effective i would’ve added a bit more  realism into the texture instead of using that practically give the shiny new building look. Compared to the now laughable attempts in 3DS Max that i performed nearer to the start of this semester, i would be confident enough to say that my skills have improved to the point that i’d be content with most 3D Modelling challenges. Although i could do with more practice with texturing and stitching UV Maps together for easier texturing.

Concept Artist/Illustrative Practitioners: Jackson Sze

Jackson Sze, a freelance concept artist and illustrator that works within the video game and film industries known for predominantly film based concepts. Known for projects such as; Iron Man 3, The Hunger Games, etc. Jackson specifically piqued my interests with his art whilst i was researching others practitioners because of his art style that seems to reflect painted realism.

The first two images caught my attention for how photo-realistic they are, even though they are painted art. Though technically not architectural, the rural aspect of inner architecture within these painted worlds are certainly captivating, and i thought it poignant to bring this to attention as the street project plays into this aspect of architectural structures, yet places are brought alive by things within them thus personifying the space around them.

The next three images portray an aspect of rurality that are reflect on the outer side of the architectural sphere, literally. The first doesn’t have much in the ways of architecture in the scene, but casts the shadow of civility in the distance with buildings in the foreground, playing more towards the rural aspect. The second is believed to be more in the ways of fantasy given that the populace are all mice, thus the architecture reflect this, in a fantasy ‘storybook’ style with mushrooms growing out of the foliage.

Overall, i think his art style and overall scheme of portraying a message seems to resonate towards highlighting the things going on around buildings and inside them, rather than towards specific things like buildings. Like the last image, if you removed the people, canopies and general atmosphere, the conveyed message would not be the same as the scene is predominantly structured for them, with them it’s a crowded street, without them the building is just a building.

f0033789_4eca79de0c859 Jackson_Sze_02a Jackson_Sze_04a Jackson_Sze_06a Jackson_Sze_10a

His portfolio/website:

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Concept Artist/Illustrative Practitioners: Park Jong Won

A South Korean concept artist and illustrator, Park Jong Won works dominantly within the video game industry creating concept art for games, his most renown work comes from games such as; Aion, Steel Dog and 4Story Online.

I found his work particularly interesting because of his unique take on rural architecture but based within a fantasy based concept. The style reminds me fondly of taking aspects of an image and simply altering their hue and saturation to get the effect similar somewhat to paintings, it’s almost as if the style is reminiscent of ink blots. A concept of similar fashion could possibly be produced from similar methods in software such as Photoshop, with the correct know-how and obviously, skill. It’s odd to note that this technique seems to put more emphasis on the entire scene instead of individualistic buildings, thus giving character to this cityscape and less attention towards specific objects.

With the emphasis primarily on ‘fantasy’ these buildings seem to replicate this, leaving a mostly exaggerated architecture than is proportional in reality but still gives a great sense of rurality to the aspects of those that intend it.

Below is a selection of his works that i found intriguing and relevant to this idea of rural-ism and architectural display,

His portfolio/website:

202_stream a asse ca111 f0033789_4eca79de0c859


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Company Ident: Beginning to End

So the next step on the Company project, was to actual design and create an ident for said company that would represent what the company stands for and what they’re about. Initially being that the name of the company was Bizarre Bear Games, was to involve obviously, a bear into the fold. So i utilized this and create a story-boarded scene that would represent my initial ideas

That would entail a bear playing a game, getting frustrated and throwing a controller at a wall thus leaving an imprint on the wall embedded with the words ‘Bizarre Bear Games’


I liked this idea for a substantial amount of time before i realized that the ethos of what i was trying to portray wasn’t going to fit inside the already tight 3-5 second guideline. So i had to abandon this idea in place of another.

Thus i backtracked and decided to have it solely incorporate a brand, or logo. This a more efficient way of portraying the message and frankly, saved me time in getting everything set up in After Effects.

Company Logo (Built with the idealism of portraying both ‘aspects’ of how bears are represented in media, “Cute, Teddy Bears” and “Ferocious, Grizzly Bears (And other types of bears, i’m just generalizing)”.



From here i had to discern how it would play out. I wanted the ident to portray the coming together of the aforementioned idealism and thus i had to make two separate bear entities and have them become one in a rather ‘bizarre’ fashion.

Scene Sketch


The idea behind this was for both bears to imitate a run, or rather dance towards each other coming from opposing directions and performing mirrored motion paths. Thus enforcing this idea of mirrored opposites portrayed in the social sphere.

Final Ident

And thus after tinkering arrived at this final ident

I think given another go around, and more practice i could most probably do a better job. Other than that it portrays what i intended it to, and i’m content enough with it for the time being.