Concept Artist/Illustrative Practitioners: Paul Chadeisson

Paul Chadeisson is a freelance concept artist working out of Paris, France and is renown for supply the art and conceptuals of the soon to be released game Remember Me. I found his art most intriguing for two reasons, they tend to be very detailed and tend to cover enormous landscapes, and i’m eagerly anticipating the aforementioned game and thus the art jumped out at me.

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A lot of Paul’s art tends to be futuristic and fantasy based. Remember Me set in a futuristic version of Paris, which plays right into Paul’s repertoire and allows him deliver vast visuals seen above. Interesting to note with his art style is that the game itself is based around this premise of the character losing her memory, and thus these buildings are distinctly memorable, i found this rather intriguing to tie into the game concept to nicely. Architecturally, it has this ethic of maintaining the ethos of what Paris is today and still incorporating the futuristic elements by adding the technological aspect to it, from the rural grass regions seen in the images across the bottom above, to the more modern shots. It’s almost like the artist is trying to blend both past, present and future into one distinct Paris scene.


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Concept Artist/Illustrative Practitioners: Jackson Sze

Jackson Sze, a freelance concept artist and illustrator that works within the video game and film industries known for predominantly film based concepts. Known for projects such as; Iron Man 3, The Hunger Games, etc. Jackson specifically piqued my interests with his art whilst i was researching others practitioners because of his art style that seems to reflect painted realism.

The first two images caught my attention for how photo-realistic they are, even though they are painted art. Though technically not architectural, the rural aspect of inner architecture within these painted worlds are certainly captivating, and i thought it poignant to bring this to attention as the street project plays into this aspect of architectural structures, yet places are brought alive by things within them thus personifying the space around them.

The next three images portray an aspect of rurality that are reflect on the outer side of the architectural sphere, literally. The first doesn’t have much in the ways of architecture in the scene, but casts the shadow of civility in the distance with buildings in the foreground, playing more towards the rural aspect. The second is believed to be more in the ways of fantasy given that the populace are all mice, thus the architecture reflect this, in a fantasy ‘storybook’ style with mushrooms growing out of the foliage.

Overall, i think his art style and overall scheme of portraying a message seems to resonate towards highlighting the things going on around buildings and inside them, rather than towards specific things like buildings. Like the last image, if you removed the people, canopies and general atmosphere, the conveyed message would not be the same as the scene is predominantly structured for them, with them it’s a crowded street, without them the building is just a building.

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Concept Artist/Illustrative Practitioners: Park Jong Won

A South Korean concept artist and illustrator, Park Jong Won works dominantly within the video game industry creating concept art for games, his most renown work comes from games such as; Aion, Steel Dog and 4Story Online.

I found his work particularly interesting because of his unique take on rural architecture but based within a fantasy based concept. The style reminds me fondly of taking aspects of an image and simply altering their hue and saturation to get the effect similar somewhat to paintings, it’s almost as if the style is reminiscent of ink blots. A concept of similar fashion could possibly be produced from similar methods in software such as Photoshop, with the correct know-how and obviously, skill. It’s odd to note that this technique seems to put more emphasis on the entire scene instead of individualistic buildings, thus giving character to this cityscape and less attention towards specific objects.

With the emphasis primarily on ‘fantasy’ these buildings seem to replicate this, leaving a mostly exaggerated architecture than is proportional in reality but still gives a great sense of rurality to the aspects of those that intend it.

Below is a selection of his works that i found intriguing and relevant to this idea of rural-ism and architectural display,

His portfolio/website:

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