Aspects of Play: DeadFall – Tenth Build

Press LEFT on the Arrow keys, to initiate a test parachute fix
Sometimes it won’t register the button press until you click on the .swf itself first.

*Note: This game is designed for a 800×600 window, of which this current WordPress theme won’t allow. So if things look strange (primarily the HUD), it isn’t my fault, this time.*

Potentially the last build. Everything I wanted to implement has been implemented. The HUD (See note above) works and displays the amount of current points and if the parachute is fixed. The chance of a fix is dependant on the amount of equipment you have, to make it fair, the player has the ability to fix the parachute even without equipment but that chance is the slimmest of all. The instructions are implemented and the more equipment the character has the faster they will fall.

In terms of future builds, for now I will leave it as this. If I get feedback from peers or decide that something needs changing, i’ll change the game accordingly and post another build, but otherwise this will be the tentative ‘final’ build.


Aspects of Play: DeadFall – Ninth Build

Press LEFT on the Arrow keys, to initiate a test parachute fix
Sometimes it won’t register the button press until you click on the .swf itself first.

Finally the retry button has been added and now the game has an unbreakable loop to it’s logical flow that is actually useful. Granted I have yet to position it properly, it’s still there though!

Primarily in this build is the aforementioned loop that stops the game from ceasing and being useless. The equipment store is fixed so that it’ll indicate more visually what you purchase and give you your current points to spend. Also to clarify, the equipment doesn’t save whether you use it or not, because in this game, it’s about getting as far as possible, landing on the ground still means game over (Although I may alter the word phrasing for when you land at the bottom, so you don’t ‘die’ but just ‘land’).

There isn’t much left to do except the weight system, chance of actually fixing the parachute and the small HUD features that i’ll be attempting to implement. And the instructions, can’t forget about the instructions.

Aspects of Play: DeadFall – Eighth Build

Press LEFT on the Arrow keys, to initiate a test parachute fix
Sometimes it won’t register the button press until you click on the .swf itself first.

Significant progress made in this build. The game is now integrated in with the shop and the splash screen, although I still have yet to implement a retry button (It’s as painful for me to test without one as it is for you to play without one. Don’t worry it’ll be implemented soon, I hope) The game now registers an item being purchased and aptly gives feedback on the screen to show that you have purchased something. Note that I will most likely have a tick of some sort to show that the item has been purchased in a more visually identifiable way.

Also, as I didn’t mention this in previous build notes, I did restrict the parameters of the mode change. I couldn’t find a working way of having it switch modes whilst still colliding without using a timer (And I really didn’t want to be fiddling around with a timer, whilst a majority of the framework of the game was unfinished).

Game has been largely untouched since a few builds ago, due to the lack of things needed to be altered until the equipment system was integrated. Additionally, I’ll be adding small HUD features to accommodate for progressive things within the game (such as the score and if the parachute was fixed or not).

Aspects of Play: DeadFall – Seventh Build

Again, the game isn’t linked into this build yet as I was working on integrating the equipment shop that allows the player to purchase equipment to increase the likelihood that the parachute will be fixed. Currently it just allows you to attempt to purchase an item, but you can’t because obviously, you haven’t earned any points.

This will be more telling of progress when the two halves of the game come together, eventually.

Aspects of Play: DeadFall – Sixth Build

You may be thinking “What’s happened here? Where’s the game gone?” Don’t fret, it’s under there… somewhere. This build is just a brief side stop into the building of the menu, instructions page and splash screen. Nothing fancy, the hierarchy of the game hasn’t been fully setup yet, so this is why it doesn’t even start the game yet.

Aspects of Play: DeadFall – Fifth Build

Press LEFT on the Arrow keys, to initiate a test parachute fix
Sometimes it won’t register the button press until you click on the .swf itself first.

The design was irritating me to look at, so I purged majority of the assets of their lines so it would look more ‘interesting’.

As seen above I improved the birds design so that they aren’t the placeholders and are actual birds (well, not actual, actual birds) this time.

You’ll notice a qwerky action occurring on collision with the ground and the primary bird. I’ve been testing a mode change (the one that you initiate with the LEFT arrow key) to switch the parachute between being broken and fixed. Broken would have the inability to move upwards and would only be able to move downwards. Whereas fixed would have full movement control (up and down) to help avoid the birds and get more points. The idea behind this would be to have the parachute break again if the birds hit it.

I’m considering removing the mode change. Or at least diminish the characteristics. The problem i’m having is to do with the way in which the player collides with other objects. In the code, the player collides and the mode is changed, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to try and have the collision register the parachute has been hit, then change to the other mode. You see the code is currently saying “If you collide with this, change the mode, else if your mode is this, do this” which basically says that as long as the player is colliding with the object, it’ll always cycle back to the broken state without reprieve. I honestly don’t see a way around this, to be honest.

Aspects of Play: DeadFall – Fourth Build

On the surface, there’s very little change made in comparison to the previous build. It’s primarily a build with slight technical difference. I slowed the players descent, mainly focused on the birds and how spaced out they were so that the player wouldn’t be overwhelmed and removed the players resistance by using the UP key.

I’ll mostly be focusing on the technical side of things in the run up to integrating key systems, so there probably won’t be much aesthetic difference in upcoming builds, I don’t think. Unless something looks out of place or I decide to change something on sheer whim.