Technical Production Skills: Alphabet Challenge

To test our abilities and for personal learning, we were tasked with doing the alphabet challenge. Of which you choose a specific typeface and attempt to model it. I chose the font ‘Impact‘ simply because I knew how much of a torrid time I would have. Here’s a brief look at Impact in action, just for reference;


Here is where I started, obviously at the start of the alphabet. I would’ve gone in non-alphabetical order to do the easier shaped ones first and to do the more naturally tasking ones afterwards, but doing this out of order just seemed wrong. So with this screenshot, most were particularly easy to model, you can see the rough look curves on the models because I was looking to having them be considerably low on the polygon count.


You can start to see with the rest of these letters, the point in which I figured out an easy method of creating them (Simply taking elements from previous letters and melding them to new ones, for example; the lowercase ‘g’ has the same curve as the previously seen ‘b’). Multiple instances of the same letter are simply a duplication, just altered slightly (I can see how this in particular can relate to real-world modelling in the sense of making things procedural to use aspects of objects multiple times). The primary pitfall of were I can the things I did wrong is in the curvature, which is something i’ll have to work on for when it comes to life-like modelling.

Alpha2 Alpha3 Alpha4 Alpha5 Alpha6 Alpha7

And finally, all of them in one shot.


Very, very useful tutorial overall. I think the trial and error of learning what works and what doesn’t was the primary learning curve of it. I’ll be sure to try this further on down the line to compare the progress (if any) that I will have hopefully have made.