‘Distortion’ – London: Canary Wharf – Initial Level Sketch


The basic premise of this level sketch was to give an intial map of the entire game area. The area is intended to be reminiscent of London, specifically the Canary Wharf area. I wanted an area of London that was distinctly familiar, but not to play into this ‘tourist’ aspect of time travel by having Big Ben or any other landmark in play.

Canary Wharf IMG_0570

From research, here are a couple of images of the real-life version of Canary Wharf. I chose this area specifically because i wanted this near-waterside aspect, to reflect a possible dystopic atmosphere created within the game. This would be portrayed by a city lockdown that wouldn’t allow the player to move past the area indicated in the sketch, but would allow the player to view upon the chaos over the water.


Interactive Slideshow

For an assignment, we were tasked with creating an interactive slideshow in Adobe Flash. We had to come up with the main premise ourselves in a form of a 10 image narrative but the slideshow had to contain a; forward, backward and home button.

I chose to model the narrative after a cartoon version the Cerebral Knight character i had crafted and shown in previous posts. As a concept i went for this:


I wanted the concept to retain to the brief by having the main screen for the narrated image, the right hand bar for the text narration and the bottom half of the screen for navigational purposes. Eventually i took to Flash and constructed the template design that i now use. But before i could use this i needed to implement the imagery. As i have an inexperience with Photoshop i took to hand rendering the 10 images i used because i thought i could better convey the message i was trying to get across better through physical means. Here are the 10 images;

image1 image2 image3 image4 image7 image8 image9 image10 image5 image6

After this i was ready to construct the slideshow, the coding became difficult at times because of human errors i kept making with lapses of judgement and a lack of common sense. I prevailed eventually and came to this final product.


Overall i’m satisfied with the result. If i had a better attenuation for using Flash i think it could’ve been a lot more efficiently handled and more streamlined. I’ll take this as an experience and hopefully learn to improve the artwork next time and my ability to code said slideshow.

Sound used. (If it works)

Google Sketchup: Break & Make Mesh

As shown in a tutorial, a quick way to come up with concepts and ideas for this is to use pre-existing material and alter it. In the method we were shown, we took two distinctly different objects from the 3D Workshop inbuilt to Google Sketchup and meshed them into a singular object.

Initially i envisioned taking something and simply “adding wings to it” and so began the premise for the design. I scoured for appropriate models until i came across the following Pirate Ship.


It looked so eloquently designed for adaptation that it was too good of an opportunity not to adapt into a flying Pirate Ship. After this is then went to find an appropriate plane to set a course for making this ship fly. Here is said ship;


When i acquired the assets i began to ponder on the configuration. Wondering if i should then convert the plane into a sail-able Pirate Ship or turn the ship into a flight worthy plane. I decided on the latter and construction began. I wanted to keep the hull of the Pirate Ship intact because of how structurally key it is to a pirate themed vessel, so i decided to mount the wings of the plane onto the sides for better effectiveness. In order to make it look less like a “Pirate Ship with wings” rather than a Pirate Warship, i decided to remove the sails and replaced them with a scaled version of a military star, to give it more of an authentic feel.


Overall, i’m rather impressed with the result. I didn’t quite believe that i had the skillset  (or RAM on my computer) to pull this off. I quite enjoyed the process of breaking down the objects and meshing them together. If i could change anything i would most likely alter the exterior texture of the pirate ship so that it looked more authentic.

Bus Run: Alien Armageddon – Initial Sketches

For the casual game concept, i decided to do an initial sketch of what i wanted the assets within game to look like. Here is the initial sketch;


As you can see this sketch is pretty rough and i heavily dislike it. I decided to show it on this post as a process of evolution and how i came to the final result. I thought this version was too ‘sinister’ looking and wasn’t really matching the audience i’m appealing the game too. However, i did like the positioning of the Alien Cacti situated on the bus so i kept that element the same. Instead i went for a more child-like friendly approach with this more refined sketch;


I’m fairly content with the result and will most likely incorporate this in the vector graphic design that will eventually be used as an ingame asset. Obviously with non-physical limitations to take into account the design can be slightly altered to fit correctly.