Adobe After Effects – Tutorial/Experiment

In a session we were given a basic run through of after effects in order for us to get a more diverse understanding of the software that’s available for us.

Here we have the initial attempts at type-facing  As you can see the experimentation i went through was simple enough to achieve a standard mirrored text effect.

CS DR text

Later in said tutorial session, or it may have been a different one, i tend to forget. We were running through more advanced things in After Effects such as; Timers, Motion Paths, Lighting and General. Somehow opening the project file on my computer at home managed to distort things it looks odd seeing as the original red object is supposed to be a rectangle yet the end result is this. Anyways, the end result;


Google Sketchup: Experimentation

For a tutorial session, we were shown the basics of using Google Sketchup as a tool for coming up with quick concepts for ideas we may have in future projects. We were shown a simple, yet very effective way of creating a basic level design. I had a quick go myself attempting create a city level map;


As you can see it’s fairly basic in design and easily represents my skill-set at the time. After the tutorial i had another attempt at making a similar city level but with a bit more complexity added to the level.


And here was from the portion of the tutorial from when we were shown how to import objects that had been pre-rendered and completed by those in the online community who’d uploaded them for public use. I used this to implement into the street design to give it more of an authentic look.


Overall, i enjoyed the first attempts at producing something in Google Sketchup. I can definitely see the use of it as a tool for creating quick 3D visuals for concepts and should prove to be a very useful tool in coming projects.

Adobe Flash Tutorials

Over the course of the semester there were various tutorials on how to do specific things within Flash. The tutorials ranged from manipulating objects in the form of rotating, scaling and hiding them. They advanced further into covering subjects such as galleries and MSPaint-esque buildable creative suites. I enjoyed all of them immensely and they all brought a particular accolade to test again my skills that has helped me improve my craft. I would’ve showed these tutorials in singular moderation but i thought it better fitting because the last tutorial melds the rest together in to one collage.

And here is a quick video of myself demonstrating the results of the Flash tutorials.

Photoshop Collage: Experimentation

During a tutorial as a group, we were shown how to stitch various images together to create a collage image of a designated topic. So i decided to have a go myself. As a starting point i wanted to go for something along the lines of an apocalyptic wasteland. When i started this, i began searching for desert roads such as the one below;


After i tinted the colour balance of the image so that it would appear to be in a ‘serene’ nuclear environment, with an orange glow to give it that apocalyptic vibe. Additionally i wanted the viewer to have visual conformation that it’s that specific type of scene i tried creating, so i added a mushroom cloud into the distance. With this i didn’t want to leave it as a deserted nuclear envisioned clear road, so i added the generic apocalyptic zombie hoard. Now i wanted to add the hoard marching up the road but i stumbled onto a great up close picture of some actors near camera posing in character. So i decided to edit this and add it near screen so it put more focus onto the zombies, whilst still maintaining the apocalyptic essence i was trying to capture.



Final Result;


I’m rather content with the final result, although i’m not as experienced with the colour saturation as i’d like to be. Although it has the basic essence i was trying to capture, enough to make it vaguely ‘believable’. Overall i believe this was a fairly interesting exercise and has definitely shown me the use of conceptualizing ideas through the use of meshing different preexisting objects.