Film Production Evaluation

End of The Road is a 1 minute narrative film that entails the highs and lows of owning a rather aged laptop and the trials of coping with this on a day-to-day basis. The story was propositioned as the character having a ‘bad day’ with the laptop being slow and ceasing to work all-together, this then would lead to a rhetoric confrontation with the inanimate object leading to a ‘flashback’ scene. This scene was to be a commemorative small piece to the laptop referenced in a humourous fashion, making the character come upon the realization that this laptop was worth more sentimentally to him than he knew initially. After going back to use the laptop, it repeats its former mistake and pays the consequences. This leads into the destruction stage of which the laptop is thrusted down a flight of stairs with the impact being caught on camera, this scene specifically is the only one without voice over and uses real-time audio relative to the scene as the impact, i felt needed a realistic ‘deadpan’ aspect to the scene that gave it an emphasis on humour.

The differences between the primary idea/concept that was proposed was this ideal of ‘total destruction’ as for a 1 minute narrative, time wasn’t on my side in terms of recording a sequence of destruction that would fit inside this time slot along with other material. From here i reduced the ‘casualty’ to a simple throw down a flight of stairs. The tricky aspect i found with it was that i was unable to get a multi-shot angle as there was only one line of sight directly propped to where i needed it.

Aspects I Felt Where Good

Personally i liked this ‘deadpan’ comedy aspect that i tried deliver that was softened for the viewers ears with the appropriate background music, it really added to the overall message. I think for the microphone i was using, it was a fairly decent voice over even though i have no idea where that accent came from and i did think that the monotoned nature of the voice over helped with that deadpan aspect.

Aspects I Felt Where Relatively Not Good

If you can see primarily on the film is a light reflective blur across the character, this was a attributed to the room the film was shot in. It didn’t have adequate dim lighting, nor did it have sufficient glare coverage from natural lighting, so i had to make do with what was available. With this also the shot couldn’t have been reversed as the natural light source would’ve rendered the footage useless. Additionally i think the resolution of the video itself was another bad aspect of the film, this being blamed primarily on the format the film was shot in leaving the infamous ‘black bars’ on the sides of the video but also the software Adobe Premier Pro, just generally misbehaving, if an inanimate piece of software could do such a thing. Going back on the lighting aspect again, their was a lack of differing angles because of the light source that blocked any alternate views from being view-able.

Things I Think I Could Improve Upon

Primarily i think next time an external site that has more appropriate lighting, possibly not natural would be a step up, although the situation and film itself would dictate the necessity for that. Although i liked the audio voice over, i do think that a better microphone for  it would benefit me far greatly as i had experience within the recording of the microphone catching sounds that a more professional microphone would stop being transmitted into the recording. Additionally, the levels for the background music could be turned down slightly as it seems the voice-over and music are near to the same audio level.

Overall i’m generally pleased with the outcome, i did initially think that the film quality would’ve been far less than i anticipated originally but i enjoyed the process of finally producing a film using editing software and i believe that it’s definitely played a pivotal role in my increasing understanding and respect for the professionals that do this on a grander scale.


Film Production – 1 Minute Narrative Video: Main Ideas

Rough Times

A narrative exploring the complexities of surviving through a zombie apocalypse. The film would be shot in the dark and would only be taking an inference to the zombie horror in terms of narrative context. It’s specifically a narrative of the struggles the protagonist will face, not issuing direct screen-time with any ‘zombie’ foes. The film could possibly end with the protagonist dropping the camera in an attempt to flee a zombie, which is an idea within this realm being considered.

Super Powered?

A short narrative where an average protagonist wakes up and discovers he has a superpower. Going through the moral dilemmas of not being able to tell anybody that could jeopardize the secret and also juggling controlling said abilities. More of a narrative to highlight the comical aspects of superpowered individuals, so it would be likely that the protagonist have an insufferably terrible power, such as; Being able to shoot lightning out of your hands but every time you do it’s a weak variant of the power and it burns your hand, or something of that accord. Obviously the effects would be shot in Adobe After Effects to better capture the essence needed.

End of The Road

A comical narrative to portray the annoying factor of using an old laptop. The premise came around because i myself have a laptop that is no longer use-able and i have recently upgraded, so i saw fit to utilize this as an opportunity to ‘appropriately’ dispose of it. The protagonist would go through the trials of; using the laptop, the machine freezes causing the protagonist to hurl verbal abuse at the machine, the protagonist would then threaten the machine with violence and would initiate a flashback scene, the scene would include him and the laptop in the happier times of their lives, he would then yield and accept the laptop back into his life, moments after the laptop would BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), the film would then jump cut to a shot of the protagonist hitting the laptop with a blunt object and enjoying the spoils of a new laptop or PC.