Throne Wars:

After coming up with the concept of the game itself (click here to familiarize yourself) we set acourse for plotting to turn this into a level design in Google Sketchup. We initially planned on it being developed and fully rendered in Blender but the only member in the group with the expertise and know how of how to efficiently use Blender within the timeframe we had was, Adam. And so it didn’t feel fair pinning the group effort onto his expertise. We instead opted for Google Sketchup and got to work on some sketches, although we changed our minds later and allowed Adam free reign within Blender to create a detailed version of the map.


As a collective we were content enough with this sketch to get plotting a map in Sketchup. When it came to crafting the map, Tim took the initiative as to crafting the level because he felt most confident in Google Sketchup.


I think Tim did an excellent job on this finished product. I was guiding him in some parts of the construction but i thought it best to let Tim decide if parts of the map worked better than others. I’m generally content with this product, it was exactly what i envisioned it would be when i initially sketched the level design. I don’t believe this is the final product that is being produced for this project, the reason i haven’t shown the more detailed version because the person within the group has yet to release it publicly.


Book Based Game Concept #1: Throne Wars

For this project, we were tasked with coming up with a game concept based on a book. In a group with; Timothy Lumb, Adam Brown and Dale Haughey, when we started hypothesizing a game idea, we initially started by mindmapping ideas that everyone had.

  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Game of Thrones
  • The Walking Dead
  • Stargate
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Falling Skies

We knew that between us in the group that we wanted a Sci-Fi element within the game, but couldn’t summarise anything we could all agree on. Instead we took to the concept of altering an existing franchise in a way that is completely different to the original. From this we quickly discovered we all shared a common interest in one franchise particular, of which was more poigniant in its origins in book form. Game of Thrones. To stem away from the Medieval nature of the book, we decided to integrate the Sci-Fi element we had longed for, doing this we had to make the scale of the universe more grand and futuristic. So we agreed to up the scale to proportions fitting a solar system, with each individual house controlling their book related kingdoms in planetary form.

Here is the basic ideas we summarised from group discussion:

  • The idea of the game is to take the overall concept of A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) by George R. R. Martin and bring a more modernistic twist. Instead of a Medieval Fantasy, we intend on flipping the tables and turning it into a Futuristic Sci-Fi Adventure.
  • Each of the books main houses take reign over their own kingdom in the form of a planet. Some ‘own’ the planetary homes of lesser houses.
  • The king has been killed and the houses are currently all fighting for the Throne. The only heir apparent disappeared after being escorted to survey an uncharted world for further colonisation, has gone missing. The Queen regent has issued a reward for the safe return of her son. You, along with a band of mercenaries you’ve aligned with have embarked on this quest to find the prince. Be wary, as the houses seek to end the possible return of the prodigal prince and will stop at nothing until the throne belongs to them.
  • The uncharted world is the planet Earth prior to the early stages of human ‘evolution’. This planet lies beyond The Wall.
  • The Westeros Cluster is an accumulation of planets within the Sol System that are collectively gathered between an asteroid belt.
  • Although the book has many houses, this concept only maintains 4 main houses. A possible explanation for this is that the houses, being the multiplanetary corporations they are, have bought out the ‘lesser’ houses in order to seize more power.
  •  To do this we’re having to adapt events that happen in the book to fit to a more futuristic setting/theme.
  • ‘The Wall’ is the colloquial term used to classify the asteroid belt surrounding the cluster.
  • Kings Landing is in planetary lockdown after the kings assassination. Those responsible for the assassination have severed all spacebridges linking the other planets to the throne. The only bridge still functional is the one reserved for the return of the prince, although it’s powered down from the perspective of Earth. Thus the only way to the Throne is on Earth.
  • The goal of the game would be the find the prince and gain entry to Kings Landing. This however, isn’t a small feat. When arriving on the newly discovered planet beyond The Wall, the Royal Recon Fleet (RRF) seeded countless Portal Pod Docks. These act as a way of fast travel throughout the planets and can even manage short range jumping inbetween the Westeros Cluster. However, due to the extenuating time being left dormant, the pods have lost power. Earth was primarily targeted for colonisation due to its abundance of Iridium, coincidentally the one of many resources that can easily power the Pods. Due to the nature of the Pods, they come in pairs meaning that the entire planet has become a global treasure hunt for those trying to find the spacebridge.
  • The game will take a First Person perspective in the form of a Shooter.
  • Multiplayer Game-play: 8 vs 8, 3-5 Iridium deposits will appear in intervals on the map, Iridium is naturally poisonus (Potentially, requires research) to humans so health whilst near a desposit will decrease steadily, Over time the value of the deposit will decrease with the objective shifting areas to avoid one particular team dominating this portion of the game. The players will take control of Hit Squads specially selected by their respective houses to unlock Kings Landing and capture the Prince.
  • Singleplayer Game-Play: The protagonist ventures across Pangaea to activate the correct combination of Portal Docks, the combination will unlock the secret location of the portal to the Spacebridge. Reclaim the kingdom for its rightful heir or choose its fate for yourself.