Entertainment Industry Logos/Brands: Research

Warner Bros

I picked the Warner Bros. Pictures logo specifically for its versatility. The distinct WB encompassing the shield-like logo makes this one of the most recognizable logos in all of entertainment production. Throughout many of the film titles that’s been produced in its name, the logo itself adapts to the title. Above (on the right) is the logo taken from the opening title sequence to one of the Harry Potter movies. The reason this is key is because of how adaptable the logo is, it doesn’t change itself to mould directly with the title in question but adapts to incorporate the themes in relation to the film. I liked this personally because of how distinct the logo is, yet how unchangeable the primary foundation has become. Other than this, the logo is fairly bland. It doesn’t show at face value what the company is about other than saying the companies name in a shield-like fashion. An outsider of whom never had the ability to witness none of their productions before, most likely wouldn’t be able to determine that this was for film-making.

Legendary Pictures

I chose Legendary Pictures as an example because of its simplicity. The premise is simple: Legendary Studios. But the eye catching thing about it is the image accompanying the words, it’s reminiscent of a celtic symbol. The symbol alone is deemed worthy among the moniker ‘Legendary’ as it’s an aspect of history. In terms of representation, the logo describes the company but not essentially what they do.


The company Endemol is a global renown production company that produces and distributes an enormous amount of television shows across all platforms, such as; Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Fear Factor, Wipeout and many more. The reason i chose to look at this logo is because of what it represents. Endemol as a company produces many reality based shows, and the logo itself has the trademark staring eye. The reason i think this is significant is because of how it makes the company seem like they are ‘watching everything’, so in terms of the product they sell it is very fitting.

Bad Hat Harry Productions

Bad Hat Harry Productions is a production company created by director Bryan Singer. The significance of the logo itself stems from the name and animated scene coming from the film Jaws, where one of the characters says to an elderly swimmer the coined phrase “That’s one bad hat harry”. In terms of being an effective logo, it represents what it is. The company produces television and film, this iconic phrase taken into context personifies what the company does.

Volition Inc

Volition Inc is a video game developer that’s mainly known for its work on the Saints Row franchise. The reason i chose to look at this logo is because of how eye catching it is. Even at a quick glance you instantly notice the distinct V symbol with the blank character face. In the same sense that video games are defined by the characters they have, i think the blank face expression shows Volition’s desire for the characters in their games to be a ‘blank slate’. In terms of how they represent the product they are selling, the logo could be misconstrued as representing something odd because of how non gaming related it looks. But it sure is visually effective.


Marvel in a broad sense is the creator of various media including film, TV and most importantly comic books. I decided to show this particular logo because of how iconic it’s become with the company. You see the company itself was founded on the premise of comic book writing, they sell media related to and the comic books themselves. And the logo personifies this immensely by the flip-book comic animation.


Hardcore vs Casual

One of the more prominent questions within the gaming in world is the definition of a hardcore or casual game. A misconception arises when individuals attempt to categorize a game based on their own personal experience of it.

For example, if a player of whom plays a game for 1 hour a day, they would be classified as a Casual Gamer, but the game isn’t essentially categorized in this same manner.

I believe that the way in which you categorize a game itself is down to personal preference. I could say that from experience Mass Effect 3 is a Hardcore Game because I’ve played over 200 hours of it, yet someone of whom has played for less time and at a less frequent pace could easily classify it as a Casual Game because of there preference.

So, the way i see the classification comes down to one easily distinguished point. And that is the complexity of the game itself. If a game is designed to be easily played and is targeted at individuals of whom don’t have to put much effort or time into said game, then i believe this is what would classify as Casual Game.

As for Hardcore, again it depends on preference but i believe that it’s distinguished by the complexity of the game. If it has a story based campaign level that takes a minimum of 8-10 hours to complete and requires the individual to put the time and effort in, this is what i would classify as a Hardcore Game.

Overall, the classification in my opinion between Hardcore and Casual Games is the complexity in design issue. The easier a game is in design and scope, the increasingly casual the game is and the more complex and time consuming a game becomes the more hardcore it is.

Interactive Controller Assignment – Controller/Mouse Combination

For this assignment, i was tasked with coming up with an idea for an “interactive controller” to bridge the gap between the people using the product and the product itself. The product being anything i saw fit for improving interactivity. As a personal preference I’ve always approached gaming with a controller in hand, and so when i look towards PC gaming, i have a conflict of preference when the Keyboard/Mouse combination is used. Here is where my idea was born to incorporate the key elements of a console controller and implement them onto a PC mouse to create a hybrid of the two.

How it works is that it is essentially a console controller, with the capabilities to be used as a mouse. It has a left analogue stick that is in the style of the W,A,S and D keys on a computer keyboard.

It has 6 buttons on the back ridges of the controller that can be used for keyboard macros and will be accordingly designated for each independent console that it can operate for.

The controller thus is appropriate to be used on consoles additionally. And is intentionally designed with the purpose for use on a universal scale, this means it can be used on all appropriated consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Looking at the design, it’s primarily designed for individuals with a background in console gaming who have no experience with or dislike, the Keyboard & Mouse combination.

Overall i’m happy with the design, i think  that if i were personally having issues with the Keyboard & Mouse combination i would certainly look towards a product like this to aid me in having the experience of PC gaming but with a more familiar controller basis.

Character Concept #1: Game-Play Ideas

Game-play Concept Ideas

To integrate this character into a game-play perspective i thought of a number of concepts that could work for how this character operates:

  • Third-Person Perspective
  • Due to the narrative aspect of powers not being able to efficiently multitask, the idea arose that the character switch ‘Modes’ between Flight and Walking/Hovering.
  • Weapon-wise, it isn’t essentially an easy task to decipher what kind of combat route the game would take. Taking the concept of Psionic Energy ‘Hand Blasters’ would be the only ranged combat option that disregards the characters inability for vigorous melee combat.
  • HUD (Heads up Display) I was thinking that there would be a ‘Concentration’ meter implemented that would measure the concentration of the protagonist against how much ‘Chaotic’ behaviour was going on around him. If the meter drops below a certain point, the powers cease working. Causing players to think about flying into specific areas to retain abilities or stop themselves falling mid-flight.
  • Having a character who can fly and speeds such as this, it would be important to either limit the speed he can go as a narrative point such as “Character gets an onset headache if going to quickly” or expanding the size of the level to ensure maximum potential free-roam but limiting the player to the map because of “Military or Rhombus presence”
  • The enemy presence within the game can take the form of Rhombus members and associates. Additionally the Shaman’s minions can be an enemy that begins emerging as the player progresses through the narrative.

Review Rating System

For a project, i have been tasked with reviewing five interactive media products.  Before i can review the media that i selected,  i first had to create a reviewing system so that i could effectively rate the content for comparative purposes.

The criteria i am specifically looking into when reviewing the games are as follows;


Are there no graphical issues?
Aesthetically Pleasing?
User Interface Easy to Understand?
Appropriate Art Style?


Are they appropriate?
Are they easy to learn?
Are they Dynamic?


Does it feel fluid to play?


Does it have a score?
Is it appropriate?
Does it effectively change the mood of the game?
Does it overshadow the Voice Acting?


Does it have a Narrative/Story?
Does it have structure?
Is it captivating?
Does it have a plot twist?


Each game is scored per section, within each section is 4 points.

0 Points = 0% of a Disc
1 Point = 25% of a Disc
2 Points = 50% of a Disc
3 Points = 75% of a Disc
4 Points = 1 Disc

After each section of the criteria has been discussed, the following scoring will occur

 = 4 Points awarded within the section

 = Between 2-3 points have been awarded within the section

/         = Between 0-1 points have been awarded within the section

Digital Line Art – Initial Tutorial Results

During a tutorial session designed at giving us a brief overview of Adobe Photoshop, we were tasked with finding an example of Digital Art from the web to then use as a tool for a tutorial. Throughout this tutorial we were shown a variety of skills and techniques to help us develop our technical skills. After a time the tutorial expanded into free reign of which we were then permitted to pursue this task further to develop our own personal skills, using the examples we had found and applying the very same techniques to produce our own digitally remastered version of this particular line art. For this, i decided to produce two pieces in order to better hone my skills.

#1 – Eevee

For this i initially chose the line art of the Pokemon character Eevee. This was a particularly easy choice in regards to difficulty in producing art work with it, so this was a catalyst for my reasoning to produce two pieces of art. Below is the original line art selected from the internet.

And here is the artwork produce by myself after using the techniques shown and demonstrated to me in the tutorial session.

Notably, this was produced fairly rapidly with much time left over within the session for expansion. Instead of applying shading or any other effect i decided to tackle a more difficult piece of line art to help bolster my abilities within Photoshop.

#2 – Ezio Auditore

For this, i decided to go with a familiar character from a video game that i had wanted to produce some type of artwork for before, be it either sketches or general fan-art. From a visionary stand point Ezio in comparison to Eevee is extensively more detailed so it tested my abilities when producing this art work.

Here below is the initial artwork that was selected from the internet.

Here is the artwork i then created.

Overall, i personally believe this was a constructive step forward in being a creative person. This is a result of the fact that i had no prior expertise within Adobe Photoshop and now i believe i can sufficiently use this program within context to a satisfactory extent.

The History of The Gaming Console: A Video Timeline

As part of an introduction to the module: ‘Introduction to Games Design’ we were assigned the task of splitting into pairs to create and design a timeline to illustrate the history and foundations of the gaming console.

I partnered with my colleague Tim and began conceptualizing what we wanted to achieve as an end result from this timeline. It became apparent fairly quickly through our own creative intuition that we wanted to construct this in the most creative form possible, this so happened to be in video format. After some deliberation and discussing our skill-sets regarding the subject matter, it became clear of my inexperience with video editing software such as Vegas Movie Studio. Thus to better attribute myself to the project, i became more heavily involved in the research aspect instead of video editing.

I am indeed very impressed with the end result, i think it matches most of the initial ideas i had when conceptualizing the project. Personally i would have relished having a more ‘hands-on’ approach with the timeline in order to gain experience on the subject matter, but as time was an issue it was for the best to allocate resources appropriately.