Client Related Practice: The Tower (Final Update)

When we returned from the end of the first semester to begin the second, within the group we collaboratively decided on making the project more organised and concise for when the client was brought onto it. Seeing as a pitfall from the first semester was having a lot of unfinished buildings on the outer perimeter of the station, those who had a building were given the task of finished them for after half term, this included myself. When looking back at the status of the building when re-approaching it, I saw notable areas of which needed vast improvement. From this I set about improving the architecture and overall structure of the building whilst correcting some geometry issues that were still lingering from the previous iteration.

One of the first sections I improved was the structural quality of the dome pieces atop of the tower, as they are an eye-catching aspect of the building and needed more detail in comparison to the version that I had shown at the end of the semester.


The primary aspect of the I wanted to improve, was the main front/side of the building because if you look at the state it was in at the end of last semester, it wasn’t in proportion to be appropriately reflective of the source material. Here I improved the geometry of the side, added more structurally sound windows and implemented more detail to the connecting aspects of the building. Additionally I swapped modelling methods and decided that it would more appropriate and accurate if the model was mirrored.


This is the outline shape of the statue, it may not look like much but it’s an improvement on the previous iteration. . I did plan of creating a fully 3D version of it but through difficulty and time constraints I decided to leave it as a texture layered onto an object of a similar layout to the statue on more of a 2D surface.


When looking back at what I needed to improve/finish I decided against using a banner that would’ve simply said “Grand Opening” and opted for the railings that are prominent in the modern design and images from around that era of The Tower.


All together, the changes are prominently summarised below;

TowerImage TowerImage2

Doesn’t look like much compared to the actual building without texturing because a majority of the detail is going into the texturing, so here below is the finished model in a test UDK level with the finished textures applied.

TowerImageUDK1 TowerImageUDK2


Now there’s a few bits I would like to improve on and I may revisit this in my spare time within the future as a test of personal progression on ways to improve it. If you currently compare it to the source material, you will begin to notice a few detailed elements missing, of which will be visually explained by having scaffolding present around the building as it was finished with construction within the year that this project is designated. I’m generally more than pleased with how it came out considering how long I spent/struggled with it. Honestly, partially subjective but I was surprised the texturing came out at the quality it did as I was expecting far worse from myself, so this is a pleasant surprise.


Interactive Environments: Paragon Project – Interactivity Ideas

With the project being an interactive environment, obviously there needs to be interaction for the player to be more immersed. By default, having a playable level and the player being able to navigate it, includes it as ‘interactive’ but to make it more enjoyable for the player, i will propose some ideas to be transposed on to the level with the following;

  • Underground – As the Paragon Station has an underground section to it, I was thinking that this could have a tunnel throughout the map to allow the player easy escape and/or exit from the station and near to one of the street sections that will be developed later on in the project.
  • Height – To ensure that the player isn’t bored with just wandering around the map, I’d suggest having ladders or something of the sort to allow the player to get ontop of buildings. With my building The Tower for example, a scripted sequence could allow the player to drop down a ladder that could connect it with the Hull School of Art building situated right next to it to allow for traversal in that regard.
  • The Small Things – A solid factor towards interactivity is the small things, the things that the game allows the player to do on the smaller scale of things, such as; opening doors, pressing buttons and interacting more inclusively with objects on the level
  • Life – Having animals and other intractable humans in the level increases the realistic feel of the game and makes it more intractable and relatable for the player.

Interactive Environments: The Tower (Update #7)

Long time since an update, I’ve been working on and off on this building since last and the project has steered away from initial projection. By that, the project has been lagging behind a bit and we simply couldn’t get what we initially intended to finish for hand-in, done by that time. So we decided that the internal aspect of Paragon Station was the priority and that the external side of it wouldn’t be a priority, which basically included my building. From this I remained developing it simply because the buildings still would be needed for the continuation of this project when we extend the level outwards. The updates for this build; I improved the overall architecture of the building and some things have been tightened up.


Up next is the holidays, I hope to get something done in that period of time, the rough architecture of what I wanted to build is in place. I may just leave the architecture as this as a rough design and work on getting a texture ready for hand-in. Although there are some geometry issues that I will have to address beforehand.

Interactive Environments: The Tower (Update #6)

Ok so whilst in development I made errors that weren’t repairable so I just had to move in a different direction and recreate aspects of the model, namely the side and the roof. The problem with rebuilding the roof, was the fact that the roof was connected to the trim I needed to remove, so the entire back aspect of the building was removed.


I’m actually feeling a lot better about building this now, I initially couldn’t visualise, even with reference material, how to get the notable curve on the sides of the building. This restructuring made things look far better and far easier to build.

Interactive Environments: The Tower (Update #5)

Not much has changed in this update, it may look like it has but there’s minor changes to the previous update. The rooftop ornaments have been added and the roof-top dome type piece thing, has been added.


I’ve been having issues, more related to visualising the corner of the building and how it should look, which is leading to deliberation problems. I’ll assess this and decide the best course of action going forward, because this is beginning to waste time as we near closer towards hand-ins.

Interactive Environments: The Tower (Update #4)

A lot of progress made in this update, I carved out a side of the building in preparation for it to be modulated (Doesn’t look like it, but trust me). I created a top dome-type piece of which will also be modulated, the roof trim and the middle part of that, of which will be the signature statuette.


The roof trim especially has been giving me some geometry issues. My inexperience seems to be leading to a lot of these types of errors when it comes to more complex shapes, it’ll be something that i’ll have to watch out for.

Interactive Environments: The Tower (Update #3)

A shorter update then previous, but I can see progress being made now. I made the extruded aspects of the building, put two posts on the screen so that it would look better for these screenshots (and mainly for visual reference when building it) and created the arc that holds host to the ‘Tower’ signage that the building has.


I’m liking how it’s starting to come together, I’ll be moving onto more architectural things within the next few updates, such as the side of the building and attempting the top of it.