Aspects of Play: Pokémon X & Y

As part of the module, the task for the duration of 3 weeks, was to look into various types of games within 3 specific bands of play to fully comprehend the scope and ideology behind the notion of play. The band this game ‘Pokémon X’ belongs to is the Console. Side note: I have played Pokémon Y additionally as noted by the title, but seeing as they are the exact same game with a few version tweaks, for the purpose of this post, i’ll refer only to Pokémon X.


In terms of Roger Caillois’ theory of play, it would be safe to say that this game falls under the categories of; Agon, Mimicry & Alea.

When it comes to the game, it has an aura of competitiveness, you as a player want to beat within the context of the game, the opponent. The challenge is the crossroads between your Pokémon’s type and level, against your opponents Pokémon, the competitive element thus comes from being able to adapt to the specific situations to combat against weakness, in order not to lose. Mimicry comes from controlling the protagonist navigationally throughout the map. Alea comes from the types of moves Pokémon can use, you see within the game moves have varying power levels that generally get stronger the higher leveled the Pokémon is, they also come with an accuracy rating to determine the chance that the move will actually hit, Alea thus plays its part here by being a factor of randomness that could easily sway a battle. I don’t however believe that Illinx is present within the game, there isn’t any moment of which the player is exposed to disorientating properties.

The appealing elements of the game to me, were; The battle animations are for the most part fairly fluid, the art style has always been a favourite of mine, the 3D environments are much improved over previous games.

State of Flow, was it achieved?

Yes, although in various stages. This game is a turn based game, so there’s a lot of time playing it that allows for the player to become unimmersed from the game world, which I did on occasion outside of the battles.

If I were designing a game similar to this, I’d implement a seamless transition between the navigational world, and the battles that take place within the game. Simply because this game has too many moments where the player can be unimmersed simply by the game showing a cutscene that acts as a transition between the scenes.


Digital Line Art – Initial Tutorial Results

During a tutorial session designed at giving us a brief overview of Adobe Photoshop, we were tasked with finding an example of Digital Art from the web to then use as a tool for a tutorial. Throughout this tutorial we were shown a variety of skills and techniques to help us develop our technical skills. After a time the tutorial expanded into free reign of which we were then permitted to pursue this task further to develop our own personal skills, using the examples we had found and applying the very same techniques to produce our own digitally remastered version of this particular line art. For this, i decided to produce two pieces in order to better hone my skills.

#1 – Eevee

For this i initially chose the line art of the Pokemon character Eevee. This was a particularly easy choice in regards to difficulty in producing art work with it, so this was a catalyst for my reasoning to produce two pieces of art. Below is the original line art selected from the internet.

And here is the artwork produce by myself after using the techniques shown and demonstrated to me in the tutorial session.

Notably, this was produced fairly rapidly with much time left over within the session for expansion. Instead of applying shading or any other effect i decided to tackle a more difficult piece of line art to help bolster my abilities within Photoshop.

#2 – Ezio Auditore

For this, i decided to go with a familiar character from a video game that i had wanted to produce some type of artwork for before, be it either sketches or general fan-art. From a visionary stand point Ezio in comparison to Eevee is extensively more detailed so it tested my abilities when producing this art work.

Here below is the initial artwork that was selected from the internet.

Here is the artwork i then created.

Overall, i personally believe this was a constructive step forward in being a creative person. This is a result of the fact that i had no prior expertise within Adobe Photoshop and now i believe i can sufficiently use this program within context to a satisfactory extent.