Entertainment Industry Logos/Brands: Research

Warner Bros

I picked the Warner Bros. Pictures logo specifically for its versatility. The distinct WB encompassing the shield-like logo makes this one of the most recognizable logos in all of entertainment production. Throughout many of the film titles that’s been produced in its name, the logo itself adapts to the title. Above (on the right) is the logo taken from the opening title sequence to one of the Harry Potter movies. The reason this is key is because of how adaptable the logo is, it doesn’t change itself to mould directly with the title in question but adapts to incorporate the themes in relation to the film. I liked this personally because of how distinct the logo is, yet how unchangeable the primary foundation has become. Other than this, the logo is fairly bland. It doesn’t show at face value what the company is about other than saying the companies name in a shield-like fashion. An outsider of whom never had the ability to witness none of their productions before, most likely wouldn’t be able to determine that this was for film-making.

Legendary Pictures

I chose Legendary Pictures as an example because of its simplicity. The premise is simple: Legendary Studios. But the eye catching thing about it is the image accompanying the words, it’s reminiscent of a celtic symbol. The symbol alone is deemed worthy among the moniker ‘Legendary’ as it’s an aspect of history. In terms of representation, the logo describes the company but not essentially what they do.


The company Endemol is a global renown production company that produces and distributes an enormous amount of television shows across all platforms, such as; Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Fear Factor, Wipeout and many more. The reason i chose to look at this logo is because of what it represents. Endemol as a company produces many reality based shows, and the logo itself has the trademark staring eye. The reason i think this is significant is because of how it makes the company seem like they are ‘watching everything’, so in terms of the product they sell it is very fitting.

Bad Hat Harry Productions

Bad Hat Harry Productions is a production company created by director Bryan Singer. The significance of the logo itself stems from the name and animated scene coming from the film Jaws, where one of the characters says to an elderly swimmer the coined phrase “That’s one bad hat harry”. In terms of being an effective logo, it represents what it is. The company produces television and film, this iconic phrase taken into context personifies what the company does.

Volition Inc

Volition Inc is a video game developer that’s mainly known for its work on the Saints Row franchise. The reason i chose to look at this logo is because of how eye catching it is. Even at a quick glance you instantly notice the distinct V symbol with the blank character face. In the same sense that video games are defined by the characters they have, i think the blank face expression shows Volition’s desire for the characters in their games to be a ‘blank slate’. In terms of how they represent the product they are selling, the logo could be misconstrued as representing something odd because of how non gaming related it looks. But it sure is visually effective.


Marvel in a broad sense is the creator of various media including film, TV and most importantly comic books. I decided to show this particular logo because of how iconic it’s become with the company. You see the company itself was founded on the premise of comic book writing, they sell media related to and the comic books themselves. And the logo personifies this immensely by the flip-book comic animation.