Reviews Evaluation

Having completed the 5 reviews i feel it’s best to evaluate the progress made and to reflect on the experience throughout the project.

To begin with i chose 5 distinctly different games that had no comparative when it came to game mechanics. For example; A First Person Adventure (Dishonored) and A Third Person Action-Adventure (inFamous 2)

I started these reviews off with one goal in mind and that was to keep the judging of the games as unbiased as i possibly could have. To track the progress of these reviews i documented the score within a spreadsheet (link), and slowly found myself desiring more criteria to satisfy my need to be impartial. Eventually i found myself autonomously reviewing the games because of how much judgement it took away from myself overall. As you can possibly note throughout the reviews, i’m granted little if not any opinion whatsoever and this is due to the spreadsheet. It granted me my wish of an unbiased viewpoint yet sacrificed a large majority of my viewpoint towards the games.

It was an enjoyable experience using the system i created, i think the score system was effective in its purpose although initially it became a little complex to understand it was a learning experience nonetheless. It’s certainly made me think about how difficult it is to convey a relatively valid unbiased opinion within the modern journalism world today.


Game Reviews Overview (Spreadsheet Screenshot)

Whilst i was critiquing the games, i thought it more appropriate to document it in a more definitive layout, rather than allow myself to misjudge a game on personal preference. So i came up with the criteria and documented the process accordingly and the following screenshot is the resulting spreadsheet that i used, that can be used as an overall overview for those interested in the breakdown of the marking criteria.


Review Rating System

For a project, i have been tasked with reviewing five interactive media products.  Before i can review the media that i selected,  i first had to create a reviewing system so that i could effectively rate the content for comparative purposes.

The criteria i am specifically looking into when reviewing the games are as follows;


Are there no graphical issues?
Aesthetically Pleasing?
User Interface Easy to Understand?
Appropriate Art Style?


Are they appropriate?
Are they easy to learn?
Are they Dynamic?


Does it feel fluid to play?


Does it have a score?
Is it appropriate?
Does it effectively change the mood of the game?
Does it overshadow the Voice Acting?


Does it have a Narrative/Story?
Does it have structure?
Is it captivating?
Does it have a plot twist?


Each game is scored per section, within each section is 4 points.

0 Points = 0% of a Disc
1 Point = 25% of a Disc
2 Points = 50% of a Disc
3 Points = 75% of a Disc
4 Points = 1 Disc

After each section of the criteria has been discussed, the following scoring will occur

 = 4 Points awarded within the section

 = Between 2-3 points have been awarded within the section

/         = Between 0-1 points have been awarded within the section