‘Distortion’ – Storyboard


Basic storyboard created for the backstory that was written for the game. It entails a brief overview of the backstory in the case of portraying the story of Arthur and how he got to this point. I forgot to annotate each individual pane when sketching this, so i’ll add the annotations below this post.

Frame Annotations (Beginning from the top-left, reading from left to right)

  1.  Our tale begins in the 6th Century, and the throne to the Kingdom of Camelot lay empty.
  2. King Uther Pendragon has died
  3. And the kingship of the land has been bestowed upon a single challenge.
  4. Months had passed, many tried and all failed. All until one. That individual in particular was none other than Arthur Pendragon, son of the late King. A soldier by trade, he was unrecognized within society as being heir to the throne of Camelot, due to being raised by the former advisor to the late King, Merlin. When it came time, Arthur gallantly stepped up to the stone like many before him, grasped the sword and lifted it into the air.
  5. The future King of England is instantaneously transported through time, standing with sword in the air, to the middle of London in the year 2015. Bewildered, Arthur within moments is attacked by a group of masked assailants and his most recent possession is stolen.
  6.  Those unknown individuals, mistakenly dropped a business card that perched precariously near Arthur’s unconscious body, entitled “Ablet Corporation”.
  7. Merlin tracked the magical essence he implanted onto Arthur earlier in his childhood. Using this he traveled through time, but at a cost. Arriving moments after the ordeal to a confused and barely conscious Arthur, Merlin warns him of what has transpired.
  8. Time is slowly being erased and Arthur not being present in Camelot to be the King of legend, is sending a ripple through time that is reverberating and shattering reality itself. Arthur and Merlin must navigate London, unravel a plot shrouding the mysterious “Ablet Corporation”. Because Merlin’s magic has been depleted and Excalibur is their only chance at saving time, before it’s too late.

Rabbit Heart Initial Sketch – Mech HUD

Photo 2013-04-08 11.02.18


Here is the initial sketch for the Mech HUD of the Rabbit Heart GUI. I initially thought that the inner workings of the HUD should reflect the outer aspect of the Mech by having the windowed elements be a combined reflective of a rabbits face. In this sketch are some other elements i thought essential to the design;

  • Health Bar – Or some reflective element that suggests or infers the state of the health of the Mech itself to allow the player to have a sense of mortality when entering it. 
  • Mech vs Ululu – Inside the Mech, Ululu is limited in her capacity for viewing being that she’s inside a mechanized rabbit and has only the viewpoint of how she can see out of it. In the open world on her own, Ululu this has more freedom and less viewing constraints that would be found otherwise.
  • Holographic Display – I felt the required need for Ululu’s face to be displayed in the form of a holographic display to allow her the ability to convey her emotive state throughout moments in gameplay.

Throne Wars:

After coming up with the concept of the game itself (click here to familiarize yourself) we set acourse for plotting to turn this into a level design in Google Sketchup. We initially planned on it being developed and fully rendered in Blender but the only member in the group with the expertise and know how of how to efficiently use Blender within the timeframe we had was, Adam. And so it didn’t feel fair pinning the group effort onto his expertise. We instead opted for Google Sketchup and got to work on some sketches, although we changed our minds later and allowed Adam free reign within Blender to create a detailed version of the map.


As a collective we were content enough with this sketch to get plotting a map in Sketchup. When it came to crafting the map, Tim took the initiative as to crafting the level because he felt most confident in Google Sketchup.


I think Tim did an excellent job on this finished product. I was guiding him in some parts of the construction but i thought it best to let Tim decide if parts of the map worked better than others. I’m generally content with this product, it was exactly what i envisioned it would be when i initially sketched the level design. I don’t believe this is the final product that is being produced for this project, the reason i haven’t shown the more detailed version because the person within the group has yet to release it publicly.

Their Pride & Joy

For an assignment we were asked to sketch a scene using only our own drawing abilities to render on paper. There were 3 possible avenues for this; a car, a boat or a plane. I chose the plane out of a fondness for things that fly.

One of my favourite aircraft is the F-16 Raptor, so i knew without question that was what i wanted to attempt to draw. Here is the research i found: (All original links to the images are accessible through clicking the image)

3Q 3Q

From here i then crafted some initial sketches to get a feel for the different perspectives that the plane could take, so that i could better visualize it.

TheirPrideAndJoy2ndPersp TheirPrideAndJoy1stPersp

After i this i took my time trying to visualize the right angle to approach the final render. I took account everything the brief had told me about the plane needing to be in disrepair, in or near an air strip. So i decided to plot the render of a plane with a broken wing waiting to be fixed, with a partial view of the air strip from an open hangar door.


Overall i’m fairly content with the final product. I feel that if i had a greater drawing ability it would’ve fared a lot greater had i known prior how to shade correctly, but for a first attempt at a finished piece of art i’m generally satisfied.

Game Concept: Throne Wars – Initial Level Design Sketch

Initially when approaching this rough sketch, i wanted to ensure that for the game itself both playable teams had areas dedicated for respawning. After this i used the sketch to help visualize how i’d want the player to interact with the environment by creating various routes across the map instead of specific direct paths that could become ‘choke-points’ in terms of contextual First Person Shooter (FPS) games. Incorporating the theme of the game itself, i then thought of adding an abandoned military outpost that would be a well sought out for, vantage point within the game. For this i then came with the conclusion that it would have to be equal distance between the respawn areas to ensure the game-play would give fair results.