Self Initiated Project: Final Level Update

The lack of updates from the previous to this one, in regards to the level, are a direct result of the character model inclusively taking a large portion of my attention to complete and I wanted to do that for personal reasons aside from and including an aspect of the project. I did ensure that the level was completed to a relatively satisfactory standard that would meet the primary objective of having a playable level at the end of the semester. Below are screenshots including the various assets I have created and also the completed architectural structure of the house.


Self Initiated Project: House Update #3

I managed to texture the flooring of the ground floor, and I’m relatively pleased with the result. I also created stairs to go along with the inevitable second floor. The level is still looking relatively barren and I think that the work flow needs to be increased on getting to the second floor before hand-in creeps up.

Self Initiated Project: House Update #2

I managed to implement the garage onto the side of the building and it fits. Next I should be working on texturing the ground floor of the building before moving upstairs and tackling the second floor. Whether I do this or build both then texture both in bulk is still undecided but spending too much time on one floor may cost me time In the long run.

Self Initiated Project: House Update

The basic outline has been attained in accordance to the design reference images. It may differ slightly in the final product as I’m currently having minor issues with the architecture but nothing that isn’t solvable. The garage hasn’t been added as of yet as I wanted to get the correct shape and size of the main house before tackling the garage. The main walls and doorframes have been added to support the modular piecing of the building and to fit the future implementation of the garage.

Rabbit Heart GUI – Final Version Sample Screens & Self-Appraisal

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Here are a collections of a majority of the screens seen throughout the GUI. As you can see i took on-board most of the feedback provided. Instead of updating the options menu i decided to get rid of it. As a practical element of a game, yes it’s needed, but as an interactive piece that’s only representative of a game, i didn’t see the required need. I also decided to get rid of the New Game and Continue buttons as they didn’t serve much purpose either.


Overall i think the finish product is sufficient. Obviously with any product, you’ll always have the inclination to do better, i could’ve easily took more time into making a working inventory system, but with the other changes that needed to be made and aesthetic issues factoring alongside my patience with Adobe Flash and i decided to leave it. Other than that i’m content that it works and that the design is aesthetically pleasing to the point where i would say that i’m proud with what has been achieved.